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Saturday, May 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Frankfort, New York on 1991-08-09 03:30:00 - Saw strange lights...I had someone w me..I flashed my flashlight at it several times..It made no noise, was hovering..Made an approach..Hovered and after about 5 min slowly pulled away and then shot up at about a 70 degree angle and within approx 5 sec wa

I and a friend were parked on a dirt road in corn field at the north end of frankfort gorge. we observed an object w odd colored lights hovering south of us. it made no sound...It was a clear, still night. i flashed my flash light towards the object several times and a few min later it slowly approached our position and remained hovering approx a mile away? we could not make out the shape but the yellow, green, and white lights were horizontal. after about 5 min? the craft slowly backed away in a southerly direction and then shot up at approx 70deg and disappeared into the night sky. it made no sound at any time, left no disable heat signature and moved at an unbelievable when it shot up. i have never b4 nor since seen anything move so fast. i had someone with me as a witness..I was very intrigued by the incident and my interest has grown in the area of unidentified flying objects, alien life etc....

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Credit: MUFON

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