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Monday, May 14, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Granbury, Texas on 2018-05-14 11:00:00 - Check into this. my body is suffering today and drug addicts think morphing solves a problem

I made a repirt to you yesturday and was threatened and raped more with unseen objects and games played on me all day by my old neighbor from california with his "thing" some sort of alien thing. the human and the thing morphed jeani mia from the reel today and she spilled out of her dress on live television. please watch it frim the beginning of the show for today may 14, 2018. she is wearing a bright blue dress that she got fine into and wala appeared man wing bones that increased her breast and back area etc. everyone on the stage was morphed and changed either on the body or face. they had 2 nba basketball wives and the human dude and his girlfriends said make me look like that dallas lady whatever she is. not shaqs wife the other woman and on stage she got fatter in the arms and thicker on the body and her nose changed and her facial expressions changed. this for both the stupid humans our own kind and thier alien preditor friends that do things for them. they tell the people when to leave thier homes so the humans can walk in with a copy they made of the peoples house keys and they steal from them. clothes, groceries, cars. when they first start they put a person to sleep without a drug and has them leave the door unlocked somewhere around the house like a normal cozy day should be and then the guy or girl walks in and makes a copy of the house key puts it back on the key chain and they begin their spree if crime. if they have childeren the childeren most likely get raped if the man goes alone. they "borrow" the persons car while they are home by putting them to sleep. they steel copys of the car keys. this thing has really done a lot for them until its starting to realize that there is a place called hell and we do get in trouble for these things and life isn't free.

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Credit: MUFON

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