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Sunday, May 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sibiu, Sibiu on 2018-05-27 20:12:00 - It was a tiny white, slightly pulsating light in the sky. it came slowly form sw and accelerated with a bolted trajectory upwards towards se

To begin with, i was just sitting at my table, browsing the web. i saw something online at one point which made me think (completely unrelated to the subject) and i looked out the window to process what i read. at that moment, i saw a tiny light slowly flying. i didn't think automatically: "oh look, an ufo!". i didn't have a reason to stop watching it so i didn't. to get into detail, it seemed like it was coming from south, but i spotted it at sw. it was a small white, slowly pulsating light. of course, any plane has those kind of lights. it was steady at first, and began increasing its luminosity. it then started accelerating.... fast... it was hard to follow. it made a quick, bolted ascent, ending up with a vertical trajectory somewhere se(from my location). sibiu isn't that big of a city, and judging from its size, i think it was close by, outside the city. i was not the only one who saw this. it was me, my sister, my mother and 2 friends. some other neighbors said they've seen it too. too bad people in romania never really look up to see things like these, so i wouldn't be surprised to find out i am the only one writing a report on the matter. even from the people around me, i am the only one who knows about mufon and its work (great btw). my reactions, at first, were just like seeing an airplane, because that's what i thought at first. then, seeing its strange behavior, i called my family and looked up in awe (my sister started freaking out a little bit) if i would have witnessed it at night, i would not have noticed it, as it looked exactly like a star in the night sky. p.S. please excuse the poor illustration in the attachment. i did my best :/

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Credit: MUFON

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