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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pinhais, ParanĂ¡ on 2018-04-29 20:22:00 - Strip of red light in the sky with two star-like objects at the ends in vertical descent.

1. i was close to home going to buy bread. 2.I stopped in a corner, got the cell phone and started to record. 3.I thought it was some sort of balloon, but the red light in the center and the star-like objects at the end along with the high altitude and very fast descent speed made me doubt the terrestrial nature of the objects. 4.At first a very large strip of red light was very visible, as if it were a strip of neon light falling vertically, and then i noticed two objects at the ends of that strip of light, as if they were two stars. 5.Where i live is an area of ​​air traffic and it is not the first time i witnessed objects with very different movements of aircraft, in this specific case it was a night of full moon and clear sky, it was very exciting, i was very enthusiastic and very lucky to be able to view and record a single event like that. i'm in love with ufos. 6.I went home to call my wife and son to see the objects and when we left the house he had disappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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