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Thursday, May 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in La Vergne, Tennessee on 2018-05-02 20:30:00 - Ufo observed while standing on back porch.

I was at home and just finished eating dinner my wife was getting our little girl ready for bed. i walked out on the back porch for a quick cigarette before my little girl went to bed. i looked up after walking out to look at the stars and watch the planes fly over like i do each and every time i go out to smoke at night. i seen the normal stars that i always see but then i saw a small golden/copper colored dot. i noticed it due to it being the only moving object that was in the detection i was looking. the object stayed on a steady course no crazy movements or anything. looked to me from where i was watching from it was heading north. what set this object apart from a plane which is what i thought it was to start with was after watching for a minute or so it increased in size and brightness without changing course. the speed and direction seemed to remain constant and the same. after it increased in brightness and size. i was grabbing for the door to shout at my wife. before she made it outside to look it had decrease in brightness and size to the small little dot i seen first. the object while my wife was making her way to the door to come out and see what i was shouting about, increased in size and brightness again. just as she made it outside it decreased in sized and brightness. as she was looking for it it made it behind the trees and out of our field of view. she did not see it. after seeing it i was excited cause having seen things like thing before it is always a interesting interaction each and every time and is always different. i even tried more to dismiss the object as a plane i was not able to. i never did see red or green lights and having watched planes for most of my life i know what i seen was no plane. i lost site of the object like i said behind some trees. it was a long way off but i have trees behind my house so after watching the object it move behind the trees there just do to the angel from were i was watching. if i had been in my front yard i would have been able to observe the object for a longer period of time.

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Credit: MUFON

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