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Friday, May 11, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Athelstane, Wisconsin on 2018-05-06 01:00:00 - Metorite exploded above the tree line, half hr later firey orb appears and then we see a ship the same color or hugh orb.

Me and my friend went trout fishing, it was a 3 mile hike upsteam till we got to a small trout pond, didn't start till 4 pm and we got there at 8pm. we fished till 11pm and decided to start our hike back, my friend wasn't feelin well so we took a short cut or so we thought. i knew the area but is a different story on a cloudy night and we only had 2 key chain flash lights. we walked for 2 hrs then took a break and a metorite flew over my head and exploded and whole area lit up white, i'd say it was 100 ft above our heads. after that we started walkin again and my friend says hey i can see a spotlight or headlight mooving around on the other side of the clearing, so we started yelling and shining our lights at it. then it starts coming towards us,when the white light came threw the tall tree on the other side of the clearing, it turned in to a upside down tear drop fire ball burning like a fire would and we kept tring to get its attention and then the object started moving faster towards us bobbing up and down over the tops of the trees and my friend had a melt down and was scared, my knee s were trebbling so bad i could barely stand, at this point i told my friend turn ur light off, we gotta get out of here, the object was about a hundred yards away from us, we started moving threw the woods as fast as we could, we had to go through the same clearin the orb did so we went around the clearing and the orb changed direction and started following us but we were moving pretty fast. we got to a ridge in the clearin and it appeared to stop moving and was stationary and we notice another object in the sky it looked like the sun settin low in the sky on a summer night but it was 130 am which was impossible and the moon was right behind me in the west. the object was hugh it was atleast 3 times bigger than the moon if not bigger, it was under the cloud over and a few hundred feet above the tree line. it seemed like it was atleast a few miles away from us. i did have a key chain compass but it didn't always work, it sometimes couldn't find north or it would say north is south, i didn't exactly need it because the stream was my frame of referance which was north. we eventully can out to a road which was a third mile away from where i was parked.

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Credit: MUFON

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