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Thursday, May 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Elkridge, Maryland on 2018-05-10 03:23:00 - I was visited by three small mat black aliens aorund 3am and they started to make an unbarable yell

I was in my bed room sleeping on the floor because my 3 month year old son was sleeping in my spot on the bed with my fiancé. i was watching american pickers which i do almost every day. i feel asleep around 1-1:15 and then my son woke up and i got up and fixed him a bottle and he went right back to sleep. shortly after that i had also feel asleep. then like around 3-3:23 am i woke up for some reason and i knew it was this time because i looked at my watch then my clock. right after i did that a blinding white light came over me mainly my eyes.. i had to squint to see and what i saw was at first one small mat black figure human but a little robotic like and then as i looked closer it was actually three. after i noticed that it was three they all started to make this loud yelling/screaming sound. at first i was scared because i was startled because the sound was so intense. after a while i was thinking what the hell are they so loud for and as i began to process everything it went black and everything was normal and when i looked at the clock again it was the same exact time as when this all started ...I can draw a picture of what i saw, but only after you contact me. this is not my first time being visited, but this is the first time that they have visited me. to show you how serious i am here is my email fitzm26@yahoo.Ca

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Credit: MUFON

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