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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mount Gilead, Ohio on 2018-05-04 03:15:00 - Happened early in the morning. woke up with a start to see bright white light outside east window. thought is was the moon at first. moon was glowing out of my south window.

I was asleep in my room. the room has an east-facing window and a south-facing window. i woke up with a violent start. i had not been dreaming of anything, so i was not woken out of a dream. my heart rate was incredibly high and i felt out of breath. i noticed a bright, white light outside of my east-facing window. at first i thought is was the moon. i checked the time and saw that it was about 3:15 am. at that time, during this time of year, the moon is usually visible outside of my south-facing window. i wear contacts and i had them out to sleep, but because of this abnormality, i slipped on my glasses and looked out the window again. the object was sharper, but all i could see was a half-moon shape (flat part on the bottom, rounded on top) hovering in the sky. there was no noise and the object never moved. i do not remember it flying away, only that after about 20 minutes, i felt incredibly exhausted, like i has been running for a really long time. my heart rate was still high when i fell asleep. i was woken up by the sound of a helicopter flying very low over the top of my house. news copters and medfilght do not fly very low over my neighborhood because i live across the street from a state park and the trees are too tall fly low. this helicopter was flying very low and it was very loud. it crossed in the same direction where i had seen the object. ever since the incident, i have had dizzy spells where i can hardly stand up and sometimes, i fall over. i have also experienced violent headaches that occur in rings around my head staring in my temples and wrapping around just above the tops of my ears.

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Credit: MUFON

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