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Sunday, May 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Guffey, Colorado on 2013-08-29 00:00:00 - Discovered quite a number of photos containing 'obects' with green lights flying around the mountain top

I visit a friend of mine in an 'off grid' location outside of guffey, co each year. it's been my habit to get up before sunrise to photograph the sun rising over the mountains surrounding her house. i hadn't looked critically at the hundreds of photos i had taken over the course of 3 years until recently. i was stunned to find numerous photos of lights flying around the surrounding mountains where there is no one living, driving, existing. to further my shock, some of the photos you can see the source of the lights in. some show these round metallic objects that are beaming either a green or a yellow light. they move all around the mountains and i have quite a number of these type photos. the ultimate shock came in 2 photos i looked closely at. you can clearly see this this bright green, large object floating right above the treeline. in the photos, if you zoom in, you can see it is emitting some kind of red smoke or fumes. there is a shadow below the object as well. it must have been moving quickly because it is only in 2 photos that were shot within seconds of each other. i did not see this object when i shot the photos! i did not see any of these lights when shot all these photos. whatever they are, they have been moving around that area for at least 3 years as that is how many times i visited and got up to shoot the sunrise. while i was shooting the photos, i was outside by myself. the entire time, i had a feeling like i was being watched. the distance of the lights vary greatly. some photos show them far away, and others show them as not that far from me. the 2 phenomenal photos show that the object wasn't all that far from me. i am actually glad i didn't see it with my eyes as i would have been terrified. i am attaching 4 photos. 2 of which show the photos as i took them. the other two show a closeup of that object, whatever it is. the photos were shot with a canon 7d and a 70-300mm lens. the properties show they were shot at 7pm, but it was 7am. my camera setting was incorrect as i never thought documenting the time made any difference to my photos as i just shot them for myself. whatever is flying around there was there each time i visited. every time i took sunrise photos, there are lights moving around the mountains. as i said, some of the other photos i have show a different type of 'craft'. it's a round metallic, smaller object with a huge green or yellow light. sometimes there are 4 or 5 objects visible. other times, just one. please, if you know what the heck it is in the photos i have attached, let me know. i do not believe anything i have ever seen in my life looks or behaves like this object. it was not visible to me when i shot the photos, nor were any of the other 'lights' i found in so many of my photos of the guffey, co mountains. thanks!

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Credit: MUFON

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