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Monday, May 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Salisbury, New Brunswick on 2018-05-26 23:30:00 - Another one of many sightings. also including photos of circular patch of grass that i’ve never seen look like this in the past 14 years that i’ve lived here.

1: may 26, 2018 viewed a large orange light emanating from behind a large evergreen, tried to take video but couldn’t get a clear shot because of tree. hopped into my car and drove approximately 1minute until i had a good vantage point as it hovered over a hill top. the lights at the bottom of the video are yard lights/street lights. when i zoomed in on object i was pretty amazed at what looked like a wooden barrel that emitted an orange/red/yellow glow. the object continued in a northerly direction and i drove in it’s direction but lost sight. after taking screen grabs from the videos and zooming in on photos, i noticed there were disk shapes in some shots around the object. 2: the photos i’ve included are from a circular patch approximately 25-30ft in diameter. i have lived here for 14 years and because this area is easily viewable from my bedroom window i was perplexed at seeing this for the first time. the first photos of grassy area were taken may 7, 2018. area is still visible with new growth coming through. i have no idea what caused the patch of field to look this way but thought i’d report it anyway.

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Credit: MUFON

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