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Friday, May 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Grand Haven, Michigan on 2018-05-06 00:00:00 - Object seen overhead that hovered then moved northwest until it appeared as a star and ejected 2 to 3 light objects

On may 6, at approximately 1 am, a friend and i were sitting at the channel in grand haven, mi. the area had been very busy with multiple proms, cinco de mayo and kentucky derby activities. we sat up on a hill and under a pavilion. the putt putt golf was open for the prom kids that early morning, which was located just down in front of us and across the parking lot. my friend and i were having a conversation, when i noticed something hovering above. at first, i assumed it must be a drone that someone owned and maybe it was taking photos of the event. i stated to my friend, "hey look at this drone". she stepped over as i pointed out what i was looking at. it appeared rather high and large for a drone. immediately upon commenting on its height, we were both discussing the odd cloudy like appearance that surrounded it, which also appeared to move slowly in and out in a smooth fashion. it also had red (to pink, although their was a cloudiness to it that may have had dulled the red) lights. the lights did not cast a glow on any objects below. the object hovered for an undetermined amount of time, but briefly. it did not make any sound. after we watched it hover, it smoothly ascended northwest into the sky. it continued until it appeared to stop and looked like a star. the time it took to travel that distance was only about 1-2 minutes. after it reached that location, we observed other 'star-like' looking objects eject from it. this happened three times with either 2 or three ejecting objects each time. we continued to sit and watch until 1:45 am, when we decided we should head home. it felt like a 10 minute overall event, but then again, we were confused and stunned by what we were seeing. it is difficult to say an exact shape of the object, because of the cloudy aura like appearance around it, but looked initially to be triangle like. the movement of the cloudy area was odd, smooth and fluid, moving in and out.

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Credit: MUFON

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