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Sunday, June 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Westford, Vermont on 2018-06-09 21:41:00 - Rapid back & forth movement in all directions. appeared to come directly at observers due to brightening amd size growth. naked eye couldnt see it, only through a camera.

I was at my friend's house after a dinner get together. we went outside afterwards, roughly 9:15-9:30pm. for a cigarette and after noticing how bright the planet venus was that night, i opened an app on my cell called skyview to be sure i was in fact looking at what i believed, and was correct. we began to look around and at the stars that were out at that point, viewing them through my cellphone on the app. from looking at venus, i turned to the southeast(ish) direction and noticed how one star was an almost bluish-white and another near was more of a yellow. i was reminded of how i've been told that the color of a star could show if it is going away or towards your view, depending on the color you see, and i pointed them out to my friend. wanting to know if these stars first had a name before going into detail in my explanation to my friend, i looked at the star through my cellphone app. this is when i learned that something stunning was happening. there was something in my screen that wasn't able to be seen by the naked eye. i have heard that, and know that, there are sightings that have been documented where craft and even beings, seem to be able to "cloak" and avoid being seen by our eyes alone. you could not see what we saw in the sky without my cellphone/app.. because i was not able to record what i was viewing while viewing it, i asked my friend (some of all of this can be heard in the video,) to record me and my cellphone while i viewed the sighting via the app. it was only through the cellphone/app that it was seen, not with our eyes in the sky mind yiu. at one point there were more than one, and they (the subsequent lights/orbs) would take off out of screen. but the primary one would zigzag erratically back and forth and move about at seemingly random, at times utterly motionless as well. but also seemed to grow in size and it brighton's noticeably at one point, i can only believe that it was because it was coming towards me at that time in its erratic movement. i had my friend's husband come out to see what we were seeing, he unfortunately is not a beliver in anything other than the "mainstream" of beliefs. but he had suggested that it was only the reflection of the neighbors lights on my camera lens, wondering if he might be right, and knowing that other critics would likely say that same thing, i moved into the shadow that was casted by the neighbor's house putting me out early and dark with no light on me or my camera and still it (they?) could be seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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