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Saturday, June 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Moville, Iowa on 1977-08-31 00:00:00 - A glowing ball approximately the dimension of a small house hovered silently the roof of a farm house.

My father lived about 20 miles from me in a small iowa farming community, where he also owned a tavern. it had been 2-3 weeks since i had paid him a visit...So i and a friend decided to drive out to see him and have a couple drinks at his bar. it was approximately 7:30-8:00 in the evening when we started out. just past twilight but not dark enough yet to see the stars in the sky. i was driving while my friend sat quietly next to me in the passenger seat. we were both unusually quiet, especially because we had always been chatty-kathy's with each other; we never ran out of things to talk about. the silence felt uncomfortable to me. we were on a 4-lane highway traveling east. this highway was not an interstate, and was used primarily by local farmers so that traffic was never particularly heavy; however, it was a mid-week night so that there were few other vehicles going in either direction. nonetheless, there were vehicles behind and in front of us as i drove along with only the hum of my cars' engine and the clatter of the tires on asphalt to listen to. i had driven about 5-7 miles when i noticed what appeared to be a bright star hanging rather low in the sky to the east. at first i thought it was just mars or venice...Whichever star can be seen first in the night sky. but the further along i drove the 'star' became larger and brighter. and since it remained static...Seemed to be in the same position from the time it first appeared, i knew it couldn't be a plane. it was a mystery. finally, after watching it for several miles, i said to my friend, "do you see..." before i could finish my sentence, my friend said, "yes. i've been watching it, too." we both agreed it was not a star or a plane, indeed; it was an anomaly that neither of us could explain. we fell silent again; but watchful. by the time we arrived at the intersection that would take us (left) to my fathers' tavern, the 'star' appeared very large, very close to the ground and very, very nearby. we decided to check it out. after driving less than 10 minutes on a rutted, dirt country road, we topped a steep hill...And there it was. the 'star' was hovering only, perhaps, 50-75 feet above the roof of a two-story farmhouse. it appeared to be as big around as the house. it's brightness lit up the exterior of the house, the farmyard, barn and a couple of out-buildings in a muted, mustard-yellow light. there were no lights on in the interior of the house. it looked desolate, yet; i had the distinct feeling that the house was occupied. i could see no people, no animals...Not even a dog roaming about which is unusual; most farms have at least one dog to scare away unwanted 'guests'. when i had stopped the car, my friend and i had rolled down our windows...I could hear no sound. no barking dogs, no cows lowing, not even a cricket could be heard. and the 'object' hovering over the house made no sound either. the entire scene looked and felt eery. i don't know how long we sat there quietly watching. i remember thinking or saying to my friend, "i want to get out of the car." but i have no memory of having done so. after 'awhile' i did say to my friend, "i think we should leave now." she replied simply, "yes." and so we did leave. we drove in silence to my father's bar. i don't know what time it was when we got there...However, it was apparently closing-time; we each had one drink and left. we did not tell anyone what we had witnessed. nor did my friend and i discuss between us what we had seen that night...We never talked about it. period. a year or so later i moved to another state; eventually, my friend and i lost touch with other. about 6 years ago we were reunited; she flew down to visit me. during her 2-week stay, i brought up the that long ago night.. i said, "do you remember..." and just as she had done that long ago night, she interrupted me and said, "yes. i remember when we saw the ufo." neither of us said another word; we changed the subject. why?? it took me many years before i told anyone what my friend and i encountered that night. and many more years before i allowed myself to think about the oddities of that night... how uncomfortably silent we had been...How unusual our silence was. why did no one else driving east on that highway see that bright and very large 'star' in the sky? if others saw it, too, surely it would have been reported, or become local gossip/lore! and, surely, someone besides my friend and i would have been curious enough to look for it, but we were the only two people on that hill. i do not recall hearing anything on the local news about a ufo having been sighted, nor did i hear anyone talk about seeing one. although i cannot be certain, i have the feeling that i did get out of the car that night. i remember feeling afraid, yet i felt like i needed to walk down to that farm. we set out that night at approxmately 8 o'clock; it takes (at most) a half hour to drive to my fathers' tavern. it took no more than 10 minutes to drive to the top of that hill...Another 10-15 minutes to drive from the hill to my fathers' tavern. so, total drive time should have been no more than an hour. and, i thought we had sat on that hill 'observing' for only a few minutes. yet, it was at or near closing time when we walked into my fathers' tavern. which means it would have been near midnight when we got there. however, i admit, i may be wrong about the time my father closed his bar. it might have been as early as 10 oclock given it was mid-week, and not many customers, etc. perhaps. however, i simply cannot account for all of those '4 hours'... recently, i've thought about calling my friend...We're still in touch...And ask her about the night we saw the ufo but, for some inexplicable reason i feel like this is something she and i are not suppose to discuss. just as we never have... there is more to my story...Though not about the night my friend and i encountered the ufo. my story goes back to my childhood...Dreams, feelings, and a little dark haired girl with huge oval, black eyes. eyes that looked like what people describe the 'grays' as having. these, my childhood 'mysteries', i've never fully discussed with anyone. maybe it's time. another time...Not now though. too long. too convoluted.

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Credit: MUFON

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