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Saturday, June 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Paternoster, Western Cape on 2002-12-01 00:00:00 - Observed two objects enter atmosphere at night. whet from satellite height to low flying bright object directly above.

When i was around 15 or 16 myself and about six others were camping in titiesbaai, paternoster. on a clear night sky we all climbed a sand dune to star gaze. there were many satellites visible and we were spotting and tracking them. we then were tracking one which broke into two objects. they still both appeared like a satellite and traveled at similar speeds.The rear object slowed down until it reached around four finger widths apart and then remained at a constant speed matching the leading object. a blue half sphere appeared in front of both objects. to me i imagined this was a result of entering earths atmosphere. the rear object then stopped dead in its tracks and blended into the rest of the stars. the lead object, which no longer had the half blue sphere, appeared to be descending away from our location. at this point it appearing to be around commercial airline cruising altitude and had decelerated significantly. at this point we were all pretty spooked and someone mentioned how scared they would be if it came towards us. at that point it changed directions and began descending directly towards our location. all but two of us remained on top of the dune after the rest fled in fear. i remember challenging my friend to stay there. it approached relatively slowly and when it came closer there were bright white lights emitting from the object. i felt it was around the altitude and speed of a low flying light aircraft. before the object reached overhead, an overwhelming fear came over me and my friend and we rapidly ran away, back to the populated camp site. when we were back at the campsite the rest of our group were hysterically explaining what we had witnessed, to other campers. i was surprised to hear that other neighboring campers also witnessed bright lights however their accounts did not closely match ours.

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Credit: MUFON

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