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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Greenfield Park, New York on 2018-06-21 21:30:00 - Hovering metallic object moving ahead of car on highway and shining a light

While driving on route 52 at roughly 50 mph i noticed something that seemed to be floating above the roadway ahead. i couldn't see it clearly because another car was tailgating very close but wouldn't pass, which is a common occurrence on this road. i pulled off into the parking lot of the greenfield park post office to let the car go by. as i was turning the car back toward the roadway i thought i saw the object in the streetlights. with the car window open i asked, "is that you little light?" the object seemed to move further up the road. i pulled back onto the road and pursued it. it stayed ahead but not that far ahead. it may have been 100' to 300' away and moving along with my car. it was hard to tell the scale of the object. it appeared to be a little more than two feet across, roughly the size of a streetlight but it's hard to tell how large it is or exactly how far away. it looked like a metallic truncated cone shape with glowing blue lines running down its sides from the narrow end to the wider end. the metallic surfaces of the object reflected moonlight and streetlights near the firehouse and trailer sales office. light began to come from the wider end, initially shining down on the road slightly off to the right of the lane i was in. the light was spreading in a wide cone shape and was slightly bluish. then it started to rotate. the light moved upward then around as it rotated. it shined at me and flashed five times in my direction as it rotated (not turning on and off). as it faced away i could see the 'top' or the side that the light wasn't shining from. the center where the cone shape was truncated looked dark and the lines of blue light looked like 'el wires' radiating from it. they seemed to come out of the dark opening and go into a metallic-looking flange surrounding the wider end that was shining the light. when it had flashed at me five times it shut off its light and disappeared into the trees to the right of the road with only the 'wires' lit. during the sighting i could see the planets venus and mars (i think) with the moon between them off to the left so i definitely wasn't seeing the planet. about the time it disappeared a floodlight at the yeshiva ahead on the same side of the road came into view briefly through the trees.

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Credit: MUFON

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