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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chatham, Massachusetts on 2018-06-11 00:00:00 - first there was a power outage then we witnessed multiple ufos flashing out over the ocean

i live in cape cod, massachusetts, a drinking town with a fishing problem or so it says on the bumper stickers… my wife and i have been together for a very long time she is a doctor and i work in entertainment. we live a pretty normal, mellow life nothing too crazy nothing too exciting. just for the record we weren’t on any medication, legal or illegal drugs at the time or alcohol, nothing, clear as a bell! with that said, here we go, this happened last night so i apologize in advance for any incoherent ramblings or whatever, i’m just writing as i remember it to be. thank you in advance! everything i’m about to tell you is the gods honest truth, believe it or not, it happened. ok, i hope you’re sitting down for the rest of this, because it’s going to start getting weird…last night, monday, july 11th, we had an amazing experience.... to give you some context (because to be honest with you i’m not sure if any of this had impact on this event so just in case it did) i have to start the night before, sunday we did this thing called crystal bowl healing, which is really pretty cool, it incorporates aspects of yoga & meditation, and it’s something one should check out, i found it quite relaxing and physically stimulating as well, a nice combination. we came home had a nice evening, very uneventful.... then yesterday we did this rikki healing thing (something my wife turned me onto and i have to admit it does have an effect on your body), i know it sounds a little wacky but please stick with me, it gets better… ok, after that, we went to the beach and just for shits and giggles we did a ce5 protocol, dr. steven greer’s protocols for calling down ufos… we tried this once before and had some interesting results… we go down to the beach and we go through it and nothing happens and we’re kind of tired so we head back to the house. we got home and my wife falls asleep for a couple of hours. so far the night is pretty uneventful mellow by my standards for sure. the sun goes down and all of a sudden there’s this power outage!!!! the whole block (actually i think all of chatham/lower cape) goes pitch black, couldn’t see a thing.... man, it was crazy (because it wasn’t a hot night so people were not using air conditioners there was no storm, there was not a cloud in the sky, no thunder no rain, nothing, nada) and it lasted for at least a minute or two. while we were in darkness i went outside to check out the extent of the black out when i noticed up in the sky is this bright red light heading towards forest beach... it was way too low to be any sort of plane and it definitely was not a helicopter it did not have flashing lights it did not have any of the attributes visually or auditory (i mention auditory because it was a very clear, still night, no breeze, no traffic, the restaurants were closed (monday nights) so no people talking outside it was a very quiet evening) it was not a helicopter or blimp or anything else like that.... (that i am aware of) so i went back inside and i woke my wife, much to her dismay by the way, and i told her about the power outage and the thing i saw in the sky and i suggested let’s go back down to the beach. so we gathered up ourselves and drove down to forest beach and literally as soon as we got there we look up in the sky and there’s at least 15 to 22 beautiful flashing lights, darting around, zipping left to right, up and down flashing on and off, putting on the most amazing show, right before our eyes, there, in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looked like a christmas tree made out of low hanging stars, it was a beautiful clear night, there literally was not a cloud or marine layer insight and the show went on for at least 7 to 10 minutes, we were hypnotized by it....It was amazing! (i apologize for keep repeating myself but it was, f****** amazing..)then as all this was going on the red saucer, the one that i saw before during the black out, reappeared, only now it was much clearer, it was fairly large, red, definitely had structure/girth. it hovered from right to left, literally right in front of us, occasionally it would blink, and in doing so would double, even triple in size!!! when it came in contact with one of the other flashing lights it melded with it, getting even bigger!!! eventually it slowly moved away and disappeared out over the ocean. the light show was over, a cool breeze started to blow and we went back to our car literally pausing every three or 4 feet reassuring ourselves what we just experienced and saw. it was mine blowing. we went home nothing else happened, ( cute twilight zone music, that i’m aware of......That was a joke…) anyway, that’s my story i’m sticking to it you could ask my wife, i asked her to write down or do a voice recording of what she saw, so she has it so she can refer back to...And feel free to ask her man, it’s the truth, i swear to god. anyway, i took up enough of your time, i apologize if this came off a little like i was rambling, it was just stream of consciousness of the event we witnessed. have a nice day, take care, dk sent from my iphone

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Credit: MUFON

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