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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in SeaTac, Washington on 2018-06-17 00:00:00 - Initially looked like a reflective bubble, upon cloer inspection with binoculars, transparent circular object, lined with lights inside and pulsed color in the center.

I was at my parents house celebrating father's day when my dad noticed something in the sky. i came over to check it out but could not for the life of me find it. i had to crouch down to finally see it. it was very high and initially looked like a bubble. it was round in shape and it seemed to be reflective of the sun. after grabbing a pair of binoculars, i could see the object clearer. it was a transparent sphere but was lined with lights around the circumference of the perimeter. in the center, it pulsed color. we witnessed 3 of these orbs. we initially thought it was maybe ballons that were released but were skeptical since they were so high. after seeing what it looked like with the binoculars, i am 100% positive it was not balloons, a satellite or an airplane. my dad and i were kind of freaking out because it was obvious we had no idea what it was. i didn't feel threatened by it, i just didn't like not knowing what it was. after seeing the first one, another one came up from the left of where we were and stayed idle. that's when my reaction git the attention of my brother who came ovet to see what my father and i saw. it took him awhile to find it and while we were lookikg for it again, we noticed a small black object also moving similar to the orbs. since it did not look like the orhers, we figured it must've been a drone or something aong those lines. shortly after it dissapeared behind trees and that's when we noticed the 3rd orb. he took the binoculars and also saw what my father and i saw. we were in complete shock. due to the state of shock we were in, unfortunately, none of us got a photo or video of them. i did however look on google for something similar to what i saw and came across a youtube video that recorded exactly what it was that we saw. it was confirmed by my father, my bother and myself. i have been searching for some sort of answer as to what it was that we saw and have come to the realization that there have been a tremendous increase of sightings of these strange orbs of lights. i will attach the photo that was from youtube which is not mine but shows exactly what we saw. not sure if this is important information but they live close to the airport, which i would think that thier radars would have picked the objects up. just looking for answers.

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Credit: MUFON

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