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Sunday, June 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fort Washington, Maryland on 2018-06-09 20:32:00 - Self illuminating, white object travelling at incredible speed at low altitude over potomac river

At approx 8:32pm on june 9th, my wife and i were traveling home from maryland to virginia on i-95 south. the weather was clear, with very little haze in the air. the sun had pretty much set to the west and the sky was lit slightly as dusk had settled in. at the time of the sighting, were traveling due west as we crossed the potomac river on the woodrow wilson bridge. we were moving at about 60 mph. at the time i noticed the object, we were about 1/3 of the way across the bridge and within 3-4 seconds, the object was out of our field of view. i had a full and clear view of the alexandria, virginia shore line when i noticed a long, flat, white, self illuminating object above the water to my right. it was moving to the south at what appeared to be a very high rate of speed. it was almost dead center of the river, going from the north to the south. it maintained the same altitude the entire time we viewed the object. i pointed at the object and asked my wife "what is that?" repeatedly. the object looked almost perfectly flat, kind of like a missile, but had a bright white glow to it. no wings or tail/rutter assembly was visible. the object was about 50ft above the height of the bridge as it crossed over and seemed to be going in a perfectly straight line travel. as it crossed the bridge, i noticed that is was about the width of two lanes of traffic which would make this about 30ft wide. i'd estimate the height of the object to be about 4-5ft, compared to the width. about once per second, there appeared to be a larger amount of light about that would ripple down the length of the object. similar to the flapping on a bird's wing, but the the entire length. we have lived in this area for over 30 years and are very used to the passenger aircraft that fly over the potomac river to land at national airport. we often see planes on final approach over this bridge. this object was far too low in altitude and was moving at a speed 5-6 times faster than an aircraft on final approach.

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Credit: MUFON

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