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Friday, June 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Lab on 2018-06-08 00:00:00 - Bright red orb like ufo over stephenville

While going with my partner to change a car with a friends car (making ljourney to airport to pickup family and required a larger vehicle) is where the event took place. this was at 0020 in the morning and while moving my car in to the parking lot to park until i returned to exchange, i noticed an extraordinarily bright light coming over the top of the homes on the hill in front of me. i quickly ushered my partner out of the other borrowed car to witness the event. from the s (port aux basques direction) there was a large ember red looking craft which made a humming like sound. the exterior looked like a sphere (or through the side that was light it looked triangular). the bottom of the craft looked like it had a few orbs or aura of different coloured light being emitted making a twinkling effect appear. the red colour was a very bring intense red unlike that of any aircraft i have ever encountered. the brightness of the light emitted from this craft shimmered on the ground and objects in its path casting a red glow. the video does not do the event justice. when zoomed in (video) it is more representative of the oddness of the object. the video is about a third of the event totality of only a few short 2 or less minutes. the stranger thing is that we both witnessed the craft seem to cloak itself but was still visible going through a cloudless sky. when the video seems to end the craft is actually still there and i was able to clearly see a dark wine crimson coloured very large orb object continuing its course. it flickered a few times as if flying through non existent cloud dimming and eventually staying the "cloaked" colour. the object left to the north west flying towards corner brook and gros morne direction. the object never stopped nor seemed to change speed or altitude. the area we were at is at a few hundred feet in elevation on a drumlin type terrain. so even though i would estimate the craft being a few thousand feet above the ocean, we had a great view as it appeared closer then it would have from lower elevations. this event was witnessed by the both of us. the object started off extremely bright then went to almost a cloaked look. it made little noise almost a constant hum/buzz in the background. maybe it is a large drone with spectacular lights? it's certainly not a normal astronomical event or occurence i am aware of. this is the second event i have captured on film incidentally while doing a random things. sorry to all for the profanity as we were both quite intrigued to see the whatever it was.

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Credit: MUFON

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