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Friday, June 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lahaina, Hawaii on 2018-06-26 19:40:00 - Large very bright light several sizes bigger than a star, hovering over the ocean for hours, to the naked eye, it seemed stationary but when filmed it was spinning and moving

In kaanapali maui i saw this largely round bright white glowing object hovering in the sky over the ocean view. i am in my hotel room and can see the sky very clearly. on june 26th, my husband and i saw a large circular object that was a very bright light and several sizes bigger than a star, hovering over the ocean for hours, to the naked eye, it seemed stationary but when i was videoing the object, it was spinning and moving up and down and this bright light ball would pulsate out larger than smaller. this started at 7:40 pm hawaii time in maui. i filmed the object using my phone camera and the object was constantly moving and spinning and pulsing opening up wide then small. to the naked eye, it was standing still in space for hours. that was the strangeness of it, why was it moving rapidly on video and i held my camera still. as i fell asleep and looked later, i noticed that i saw at a far-off distance towards the west, a large red/yellow ball, i couldn’t capture this sight, i woke up sick with acid reflux. i when i looked again, this object had moved over to the left side of my eyesight towards the east. i saw this same object again on june 27th but much further away. i walked away and looked for it again hours later and it moved to the far right, west side and pulsing a red color. i looked again, and it was sitting to the left side towards the east and it was a bright white color. i did film it on june 26th but on june 27th, it was too far away to film with my phone camera. on june 28th, this strange object returned back again after sunset. i noticed it after i had dinner at 8:30 pm. it was not there during sunset because i took photos of the sunset. it appeared for 1 hour or so then it was gone as i fell asleep. it came back again and hoovered, around 11 pm, then by 1:00 pm, it slowly backed away... no sudden movements, very slowly backed further and further away until it disappeared. no sudden rapid movements to alarm anyone! i filmed it again on june 28th sighting. a bright large white object, bigger than a star and it was not a planet. to the naked eye, it sits perfectly still but when filming it, it is constantly moving and pulsating on film. this is all in maui.

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Credit: MUFON

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