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Sunday, June 3, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Cudworth, England on 2017-08-24 22:35:00 - Translusant big triangle with changing pictures on underside no sound

Thursday 24.08.2017 10pm south yorkshire uk. my dad was in a bad way but at home & comfortable. marie curie came to let me go home to rest. left dads approx 10.30pm walked up home through snicket over small field at the bottom of the estate up to my terrace house with my torch as it was dark. reached the first street crossed over the road walked up the street about about 20 to 30 seconds then i entered the backs to go to my back gate. the backs are where terraced houses have a kind of off road access at the back of them that lead to each back to back streets back gardens. as i reached my back gate no one was about & it was quiet really quiet which i found unusual it was between 10.35pm & 10.45pm. i don't know why but i looked up am not good with compass but i think it came from w/sw drection & crossed almost above me toward e/se. i'm guessing this as from 12pm til late i have the sun blazing in my back garden. it was moving at a leasurely pace not even appearing to be as fast as a low flying aeroplane. it was deffo in no rush with absolutely no sound. i stood watching it for approx 5/10 mins measmurized & then it totally just vanished. it was a large perfect triangle. it was translucent like water but i could make out the edges. when i first saw it i just saw what looked like a group of star consolation moving in a cluster across towards me. i thought wow i never seen a bunch of stars moving alltogether before so i watched. when it got closer thats when i saw the triangle shape. as it moved over me the stars suddenly changed to look like a flock of large birds like geese but they made no noise at all. i watched it go past then poof it vanished completely. i felt kind of excited about it & was going to tell dad the next day but i didn't get chance as we were generally interupted by nurses etc. he passed away at 2.02pm 25/08/2017. since then i only told a couple of people & was laughed at so i tend not to mention it now. since i was a small child i have seen other objects/lights / possibly beings of some kind too some happened when i was with my parents.

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Credit: MUFON

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