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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ardvasar, Scotland on 2018-06-12 16:00:00 - My mother took a series of photos of her garden, and in one of them a ufo is visible in the top left corner.

***i was not present for this event. submitting on behalf of my parents*** photo was sent to me by my parents. i got a text from my dad telling me to check my email, saw the photo provided, and phoned them. my mother had been taking photos of her garden since the weather was nice (rare for the isle of skye). when she went indoors to check the pictures on her pc, only one photo had an object in the sky, at the top left of the picture. they saw nothing with their eyes at the time, heard nothing either, and the object is only in one photo. i aksed about the possibilities of it being a fly/moth/bee in the foreground or a seagull/eagle/other big bird in the near distance. they said there were no insects buzzing about due to a bit of a gusty breeze blowing, and there wasn't any birds flying about. she mentioned she took 3 or 4 pictures in very quick succession (she's a keen photographer and has a fancy dslr with rapidfire functions) so if it was a bird it would have been in another picture. my dad (massive ufo skeptic), who in the 80's was a member of the royal observer corps (cold war spy basically) is highly trained in aircraft recognition, is a keen plane spotter/military fanboy and always has binoculars to hand was present, and he confirms there were no aircraft around, no helicopters, and he has no idea what is in the photo. in his words "it's a proper ufo, if i can't tell what it is then only god knows what it was". in the photo, zoom in to the top left area of clear sky next to the tree. there is a classic saucer shaped object, appearing slightly copper/bronze coloured top & bottom, and dark in the middle. photo taken 12th june from the address provided (iv458rb) on the sleat peninsula of the isle of skye facing south. the buildings visible on the hillside in the distance is the town called mallaig on the mainland.

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Credit: MUFON

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