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Monday, June 25, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Leeds, England on 2018-06-25 14:35:00 - Small disc like object moving in strange way in the sky

Before initial sighting approximate time was 2:30: i was playing an online game in my house when the tv started glitchy out and started to display static... the static would appear for a split second, this happened at least 5 times, there as or one in which the static would appear on the screen fully for at least 4.5 seconds, this only happens once. the tv blacked out twice when the static appeared, my thoughts at first were that it at had been the hdmi cable i was using, i later found out that it was not as the moving the cable caused no static to appear. start of and during sighting exact time was 2:35: when i first noticed the object i had originally thought that it was a shooting star, which was weird as i have never heard of one being sight during the day, it was when is started to move in a odd way, when i realized that i was a ufo and not anything else (could not have been a bird as no wings were sighted) i went up to the window attic window (as i was based on there in the begining) in with i just watched the ufo moe about. i attempted to scan for any specific features it could have, he object was at my point of view small as it was pretty far away from me, the object itself was pure white and kept on disappearing (fading) out of sight and then reappearing into sight. the object moved west for 25 seconds, moved downwards for 5 seconds, moved southeast for roughly 30 second in which it moved north again and repeated it's movements all while having a part of glowing aura around it. this continue for 5 minutes in which i had lost sight of it again due to it fading out of sight and moving too far southeast in which i could no longer see the ufo due to the limitations of my window. after viewing, exact time was 2:43 : after viewing the object fully i researched the internet in a hurry (in which i typed at first "what to do kf i h" in icb i was ment to type, "what to do if a i have just see a ufo" to get advice on what to do someone mentioned mufon in which i had a small memory of hearing about mufon. i then went on their website and filled out this form that you are reading now.

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Credit: MUFON

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