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Thursday, June 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cadet, Missouri on 2018-06-05 21:30:00 - Green/red glowing very bright like fireball, size of low flying helicopter or plane but clearly wasn't they have flashing red light, seen by 3 people went from nw to se fast

I live in missouri i was going back to my home from visiting my parents it was me my mom and my two kids in the vehicle, me and my mom first noticed a green and red glowing very bright like fireball going through the sky coming from the north west going south east it was as big as a helicopter or a small plane from where we was sitting in the vehicle but it was easily to tell that it was no plane or helicopter because all they have is a flashing light on them, me and my mom at very first thought it was maybe a shooting star but as we looked better in our eyes got to focus better it was no shooting star shooting star is not that big or that bright i don't know how to explain what it was i've never seen anything like that especially in missouri, my parents they never really say anything about ufos or anything in the sky they're not much on that but that was the first time my mom was ever speechless and said maybe we're not alone haha after i got to my house because i only live just a little ways down from my parents i listened for any sounds, i looked up in the sky for anything else but saw nothing but i cannot explain what that was the only thing i could think of was maybe a helicopter was on fire going down or aircraft but i turned my police scanner on and never heard anything, i watched the news never heard of any crash or anything and i have several friends in law enforcement which i worked in law enforcement for yrs so i would have heard of something like that if had crash of plane etc, when i seen it and my mom seen it and my 11 yr old daughter seen it it was something to see once again i don't know how to explain it it had me confused floored made me wonder what's up there in the sky that we don't know about! once my mom came on back up to her home she was telling me the following morning when she came down to the kids bus stop that she had my father come out and look up in the sky after she got back up there cause there was something that was very bright almost like something was up in the sky with a bright flashlight pointed down like it was just brighter outside not like it was pointed at certain spot, mom she was once again was completely speechless about it and so is my dad they don't know what it was and he can't explain what it was when they went to try to get their cell phones out to take a video of it the brightness went away and just normal brightness from the moon but on the way down to my house earlier when i tried to get a video of the very bright ball of fire or whatever it was i couldn't get my phone out and the camera on fast enough! i don't know if we have ufos out there or anything like that but this here i cannot explain in 37 years of life and ive seen a lot of things in my line of work this is something that i cannot explain, i no i'll be looking up alot more because u never no what's up there, it was a neat experience for me and my 11 yr daughter and i got to see my mom speechless which never happens! lol

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Credit: MUFON

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