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Friday, June 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Plattsmouth, Nebraska on 2018-06-28 23:20:00 - I hv a glass metal type globe size of a marble jaw breaker size that's magnetic fields each side of the round object, how's that possible, each side has a positive and negative very magnetized come see it not metal not glass, and gets warmer at point of c

Plattsmouth missouri river looking out tonight at flood waters under the full moon, i heard a humming behind me in the woods on the hill in front of my house, saw the craft, it stopped as if looking at me, then came towards me, i then backed up and grabbed a long 2x4 and went to it, a orb small marble came out in the air below it, i walked to it, then i swung the 2x4 hitting the orb in front of me knocking it to the ground, the craft moved away, which was at least about 45 - 50'yards away, the orb came at me slowly, i only swung at it to get it away from me, the craft started up stopped above me at like 75ft off to my left side, wavering between lights n humms it then went to above the tree line n started north going out of sight, to then i couldn't see it any more, then i walked back down the hill to the street, on ave d then it came back to the tree line clearing as if it was watching me, i was hold ing the orb, so it must have know i had it, since then i had it it slowly raced north west, raising to the clouds, emitting lights in a sequence of colors, as if signalling someone else before it went behind the clouds, i'm sitting here staring at my garden looking towards the skies to see if anything returning from the clouds tonight, when it was close it felt like statically charged the atmosphere with a copper smell like in the air, weird smell, this little orb has true positive and negative sides magnetized each side weird how does a round object have that ????? it emitting a silent humming along with other factors that are warming up when next to metal and also has darkening factors in cold or heat like i.Put it into the freezer and on the stove, but didn't break, and weird enough wipped out my cells battery just up close trying to take a pictures of it, so i put it by my car battery and drained it in 15-25 minutes, wth wtf seriously wtf? how is it possible put by another magnet, it abruptly changed or floated away, it's so strong it can move metal or other magnets through glass or 4x4 wood piece of wood, plastic, thicknesses of 1-15 inches, it hates radios it scrambled the signal, and the new tv's flat one's, it changes the screen to 1's & 0's like this 10001 1010 100-011 like that,no pictures or images, well still looking while i'm.Writing this to you, wtf is it, call or writing me text me i saw what i saw. ? weird shit

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Credit: MUFON

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