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Saturday, June 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Washington, District of Columbia on 2018-06-15 11:50:00 - Cluster of 5-6 metallic silver reflective objects, no discernible movement, observed on my street, and then again about 1/2 mile away as i was driving to lunch

I was leaving the house, driving up my street at 11:50 am 6/15/18 when i saw a cluster of about 5-6 distinct metallic silver reflective objects in the sky to the west, no discernible movement. it was an ominous feeling because i live in dc and we are a no-fly zone for aircraft. the only craft we ever see are police / life-flight / marine one helicopters. these did not appear to be helicopters. and we never see a cluster of multiple craft. i began using my iphone 6 to snap pictures out the window of my car with my left hand while i continued driving up my street. the objects were clearly visible to the naked eye but barely captured as a few pixels each. they all reflected the sun (which was behind me), and appeared to be solid and have shape. the one i could see the most clearly (maybe the closest?) as i was headed up my street appeared to be flat on top with round projections on the bottom. i was not able to make out a clear shape on all of them (they were either smaller or further away) but they all appeared to be generally convex in shape. the first two pictures were heading up my street. i think the second picture most clearly captures 5 distinct objects in a pentagon pattern. the third and fourth pictures were taken about half a mile from my house heading west, about a minute later (11:51 am and 11:52 am). there was some light cloud cover in photos 3 and 4 but some of the objects are still visible. photos contain metadata for time, location, etc. not all objects are visible in all the photos. all photos were taken facing roughly west. i did not pull over the car to get a better look because i was running late for a 12:00 pm lunch reservation downtown. i kept my driver's window down and took photos with my left hand as i continued to drive. when i saw them again about a half mile from my house i thought i saw a steady blinking light (honestly i can't be completely sure) on one or more of them as if they had aircraft marker lights, but i heard no sound and saw no discernible movement. at some point tree cover blocked the view and i decided to focus on driving safely. i did not track the objects any further.

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Credit: MUFON

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