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Friday, June 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Felipe, Baja California on 2018-06-21 00:00:00 - Tremendous speed about treetop height, traveling north along a remote road near my house, glowing white then disappeared abruptly.

I live in a remote section of el dorado ranch (san felipe, mexico) and often am watching the stars or activities from the roof. i am very remotely located. this particular evening was perfectly dark; (no street lights or nearby houses) lit by a waxing full moon. i have a great view of the mountains, the sea of cortez, and roads leading throughout the ranch. a brilliant white light (as bright as the full moon)traveling north very fast caught my eye in the distance as i was looking west towards the mountains. i knew the road well and thought how unusually fast the "car" was going for time of night and condition of road. a few seconds later, when the globe was parallel to where i was standing (still in a distance) and abruptly disappeared. i reflected upon what i had just seen, and noted then that there had been no head beams. that the short bushes in the desert and occasional ocotillo trees never seemed to impede the light- as is usually found when cars pass behind shrubbery). if the car had been traveling down the road i would have seen it continue instead of disappear, since there were no cross roads. a few days later i had a friend drive along this route at night going at least fifty miles an hour. the speed limit for the ranch is 20-35 miles per hour because the roads are sandy and unlit. people often get lost up here. based on the comparison of my friend's speed, an estimate of speed the globe was traveling the globe would have exceeded 100mph. i watch cars all the time when i am on the roof and their headlights are always dim; there are always headlights and reflections in the passing vegetation; and occasional disappear as the cars meander around curves. there is hardly any car traffic up here. with my friend duplicating the same route for this experiment,i watched from the roof and noted several discrepancies: firstly, i always saw a red tail-light and dim headlight from her car. there were car beams that reflected in the vegetation; the car lights flickered as it passed behind vegetation and trees; and the speed seemed very slow compared to what i had witnessed with the round glowing white light. the white light was as bright as the moon. also in passing, we have frequent atv and stock car races in this area which i can view from my roof. (the baja 500 and the baja 250) i can see the racing cars which periodically race in baja along the mountain passes looking towards the west from my roof. they are much farther away (almost several miles from my house and i can still make out clearly their head beams. i have seen other unusual activity in baja norte as do some of my friends.

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Credit: MUFON

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