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Saturday, June 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kingston, Pennsylvania on 2018-06-30 10:01:00 - Two objects fly toward each other and hover before changing direction.

on saturday june 30, 2018 at approximately 1000 hours, i was playing in the back yard with my daughter when i noticed a strange object in the sky. my daughter was running around playing in the yard and i was saying to her how beautiful the day was. i was looking above me in the sky and i was thinking to myself, "not a cloud in the sky." as i looked upwards above my house, i noticed a small silver object. at first i thought it was a kids balloon floating in the sky. i was thinking, "some poor kid lost their balloon." i then picked up my daughter and started to talk to her again. i took my eyes off of the sky for about 45 seconds. as i was holding her, i looked up again and said, look at the balloon in the sky." that's when i noticed there was a second balloon near the first one. as i looked at the objects, i finally realized they weren't rising up like a balloon; instead they maintained the same height. the objects were a distance apart from one another. i now paid closer attention and noticed the unknown objects were moving at a very slow rate of speed. much slower than an airplane would travel in the sky. object #1 was moving slowly in what appeared to be a straight path from south to north. it looked like a star that would be twinkling in the night sky. the twinkling appeared to be a quick blinking. much faster than the lights on an airplane. object #2 was also slowly moving from north to south towards object #1. the two of them moved very close to one another and i thought, "planes don't usually get that close." it appeared to me as if they briefly stopped, or hovered, next to one another. it almost reminded me of two passing cars that slow down so the drivers can say something to each other through the window. the the objects sat still for maybe five seconds or so. they then began to move apart but this time it was at a faster pace. object #2 continued to move south in a straight path while object #1 deviated from its course to travel north west. again, both objects were moving much more quickly than before. my wife also witnessed the two unusual objects in the sky. she agreed they didn't appear to be airplanes. they were flying much higher than any plane we have ever seen. we both had our cell phones out and were taking pictures through out the entire time. total time looking at the objects in the sky was around 15 minutes. later on in the afternoon, my wife and i looked at the pictures that we took of the two objects. in one picture, we saw a third unknown object in the sky. the three objects appeared to be in a triangular formation in the sky. during the entire time observing them, neither of of saw a third object with our naked eyes.

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Credit: MUFON

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