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Thursday, June 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dearborn, Michigan on 2003-04-30 12:45:00 - 2003 close encounter with missing time

this incident occurred around the end of may, 2003. the location was dearborn michigan, where my wife and myself, along with our one year old, had moved to be closed to her place of employment. the house was at the corner of kendal and ruby streets, right next to the catholic church on ruby, always a huge source of comfort for me. the sky was very clear, with almost perfect visibility. i was outside in the back yard, tending a small plot of tomatoes and peppers. i started working around noon, and i had been there for around 45 minutes when i first heard the sound. this was an extraordinarily loud noise-it filled my entire sensorium, and seemed to originate somewhere in the sky high above and to the west. the sound seemed to be composed of two distinct patterns: one, the most prominent component, sounded like a diesel engine, or an off balance dryer, with about the same frequency as one. the second component, less loud, was a higher frequency clicking or ticking noise. again, these components combined to make a single, insanely loud droning noise. i don't understand how the street was not filled with spectators, as this sound seemed loud enough to me to have drawn everyone in the neighborhood out to see what was going on. nevertheless, i never saw anyone else come to take a look. as i said, this incredible din seemed to be coming from the sky to the west of the house. i walked around my garage in order to take a look. i was standing between the garage and the house at this point, looking west over the steeple of the church across the street. i must have heard the sound for thirty to forty seconds before i saw the craft- certainly no more than a minute. i had enough time to briefly consider what the source might be. the noise was so loud, my first thought was that i was going to see a plane crash, as the house was relatively close to landing traffic for detroit metro airport. i kind of braced myself for the worst. so, no more than a minute after hearing the sound, after staring at the sky to the west for a few moments, i saw a black dot high in the sky, about 45 degrees above the horizon. it was a few degrees to the right of the cross at the top of the church steeple across the street. the craft moved so quickly...It seemed elongated along the direction of motion. it appeared briefly like a ski, or kayak, headed directly towards my position. within a second or two at most, the craft was right in front of me, maybe twenty feet above me, with the front of the craft maybe 25 feet away to begin with. it was moving, slowly now (how could it have decelerate so quickly ?) towards my position. during this time, and for the duration of the incident, the incredibly loud sound continued unabated. all i could see of the craft at first was the nose, which rapidly filled my entire field of vision, which was overwhelming. this part of the craft looked a lot like the nose of a jetliner, only smaller, maybe 25 feet tall, by around fifteen feet wide. the surface was mettalic looking, matte black yet somehow also quite reflective, with a strange hint of transparency. at this point, i became aware of a sort of paralysis: i wanted to wave at this craft for some reason, but i found that i could not. in fact, i myself would not change my own position for the rest of the encouner. the craft moved slowly overhead, about 10 feet above me at this point. after a few moments, i was directly below it. the underside of the craft was dark gray rather than black. along the bottom ran "girders", orthogonal to the longest axis of the object, spaced a foot or two apart. along the girders were regularly spaced holes, separated by several inches. the entire underside of the craft seemed distorted, similar to, but perhaps not exactly like, the kind of effect one sees with a power sander-as if the whole undercarriage were vibrating very rapidly. i lost consciousness while watching a couple of the holes along one of the girders. the next thing i knew, i was facing east, in the opposite direction from the way i was positioned before. i was now facing in the direction of the neighbor's house instead of the church. in front of me was the craft again, maybe 25 feet in front of me, near the fence between yards, about 30 feet in the air. i got a much better look at the entire craft then. it rembsembled a 30 foot long submarine, with a sloping back end, angled at 45 degrees or so, sort of like the rear of many garbage trucks. on the top of the object was a superstructure, several feet high, which i thought at the time looked a lot like the conning tower on a sub. the craft was in the process of turning in the air, the entire body tilting towards the ground on one side (left side from the craft's perspective), as the nose pivoted slowly to the north. the sun was strongly reflecting off the black surface. the craft ended it's turn facing north, precisely 90 degrees from the direction of its appearance, right along the space between my house and the one next door. the nose tipped upwards, while the sloped tail swooped downwards, almost touching the low fence. the craft ended up oriented at a very precise 45 degree angle. it began to ascend. it picked up speed rapidly, becoming a black dot in the sky again within 10 seconds, before vanishing entirely. the extremely loud noise continued unabated until the craft disappeared, after which point the sound began to taper off, as if the source were moving off into the distance. this took a minute or so, then finally the sound tapered off to nothing. i found i could move again. i went to the fence on the west, facing the church on ruby again, kind of instinctively looking for someone else who had seen this thing. i was not yet aware of the missing time, i was just kind of dazed. no one was our on the street; at least as far as i could see, the neighborhood was as quiet as it was before, which i couldn't believe. suddenly, a beat up, unmarked white work van swerved wildly off kendal, making a crazy lefthand turn onto ruby. the way whoever was driving operated the vehicle, i kind of thought they must have seen the strange craft. i stood around outside long enough for the van to have circled the block, as it passed by the house one more time. a strange emotion kicked in then, a very.Mild irritation that would last for a few hours afterwards. despite having seen this incredible craft, i could not work up any excitement at all. though i was aware intellectually that something profound had occured, my emotions refused to engage. somehow, my thoughts and feelings about the past few minutes then we're limited to a focus on the mundane. i finally went back into the house, and glanced at the kitchen clock. it was around 3:45 pm. i went out to work on the garden around noon, and worked for around 45 minutes before the incident began. so, there are around three hours that i cannot account for that day. i have no memory whatsoever about that time. the transition, from facing west under the craft to facing east watching it depart, is absolutely seemless. a few days later, a week at most after the encounter, i was out in my back yard again in the afternoon. to the east, maybe seven or eight houses over, i saw what looked like a long black helicopter, one of the big long ones, with obvious propellers, hovering between two houses. i observed it for a short time, but a vestige of that forced mundanity seemed to kick in, and i (inexplicably) lost interest and went on my way. i did not see the helicopter depart.

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Credit: MUFON

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