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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2014-11-14 00:00:00 - Star like ship going into wormhole

So i see this bright white star. i sat there staring at the white star for a minute or so and all of a sudden it starts to move. the star has now become a ufo because stars just do not start to move, only ufo’s move. i’m like omg, another ufo. in my mind i’m like alright ray start taking data. i noticed the ufo about 45 degrees above the horizon to the southest of where my house is. my sighting of the ufo was at 45 degrees from the horizon moving north going towards my zenith. i pulled the binoculars away from my eyes and then i noticed that the ufo’s path was curving. the ufo started out slower than most that i have seen but i could tell it was speeding up but why was it speeding up i wondered? it took the ufo over 30 seconds to go from hovering there at 45 degrees to nearly 90 degrees, that’s really slow. satellites go a lot faster than that but this was speeding up as well as curving. you know why this seemed odd to me, usually when i see a ufo starting out or traveling along up there above our atmosphere it usually is going at a pretty good clip from one side of the sky to the other but not this one. i just kept looking at the ufo without the binoculars. this thing was going to do something, that i knew or should i say that i felt. i put the binoculars back up to my eyes and watched as it panned to the left as well as curving away from me too. so it first started away from me then curved towards me then going away from me. i started seeing a light of some sort starting to reflect into my binoculars coming from the left side. it reminded me exactly like when i would view stars and there is a full moon. if you do not have the moon yet in sight you have to pan towards it to pick up its reflective light. when it is just out of view you can see a kind of light reflection coming from the moon until the light gets brighter and brighter and then you see the moon. this is what was happening as i was following the ufo. i was getting pretty exited by this point. i thought that there’s just no way that reflection could be the moon because first of all the moon was not even out at that time of the month and the moon is on the same path as all the planets called the ecliptic which is directly south of my house and this thing was overhead, not in the southern sky. i knew the light that was being reflected in my binoculars was not the moon it was something completely different. so i pulled the binoculars away from my face and looked to see where the light coming from. there it was, a round circle of light, the sky was bubbling just like boiling water. if you took and dime and extended it out, that is how big and round this thing was. maybe that sounds small but when you look through binoculars at the same round object, then it gets really big. it was a really big round bubbling thing and i was completely awe struck because i knew immediately what this bubbling light thing was and i also screamed it out – “oh my god, it’s a wormhole, a freaking wormhole right there.” right in front of my eyes. i quickly looked over to the right and the ufo was going to curve right into it and by god, i’m going to see a ship disappear into a wormhole, i thought. the wormhole was fairly large in size and was somewhat round but not exactly round. i raised my hand up and it was around 1 – 1 1/2 fingers wide. based on the previous chart of hands estimating degrees 1.5 fingers was about 2.5 degrees in width. to really see this thing i needed my binoculars. once i could see this rolling, boiling object, i could see that yes sir, this was a wormhole. the other thing i noticed was the bubbling light part. the light bubbles were very small in the middle which made me think that this was a cone shaped object. i could clearly see, through the binoculars, that the smaller bubbles of light were coming up to the surface and becoming larger bubbles of light replacing the other larger light bubbles that were there at the rim. i now knew for sure i was looking down into a cone. there was no mistaking this fact. i was looking at it kind of edge on. i think it was a cone because if it was then it would be logical that the bubbles would be getting smaller nearer the center because the center of the wormhole was in fact farther away from my line of sight which would mean the light bubbles would be smaller. the bubbles were popping in and out of existence. it wasn’t just sitting there it was bubbling like boiling water. the ufo had just passed overhead and i knew it was heading for the wormhole which was about another 10 – 15 degrees from my zenith. i didn’t see any color in the bubbles or around them. the bubbles were made of light i guess. i did see white light but that was all. i am having such a difficult time trying to explain this object of bubbling white light. there was no lightning or flashes of light. i guess that it was titled at what i believe to be a 45 degree angle from where i was seeing it. the bubbling balls were larger on my side than they were on the other side but not by much. what i could see through the binoculars was small boiling rolling bubbles of light starting in the center and coming outward and becoming larger still at the outer edge. i was looking into the binoculars and the ufo went from 90 degrees overhead and went right into the center of the wormhole and then, blip, the ufo and the wormhole just closed down. i saw it close down from the outer edge first and then shrink as the white light from the ship was the first thing to disappear into the center hole and then the wormhole disappeared. it took less that a second. i saw the ship reach the middle of the wormhole and a second later the wormhole just shrank out of existence and i was like, “whew! that was so freaking cool!”

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Credit: MUFON

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