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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 2018-05-24 21:30:00 - I first sighted this object in the sky west of my house on may 24th; it was stationary then after 40 minutes it receded to the nw an faded away.

This object was first sighted from my backporch on may 24th. the following night on may 25th, i was startled see it again in the sky west of my residence. i called 911 to report this sighting, which was stationary in the sky at 9:30pm. two police officers were dispatched to my residence and they observed this object as well, which was stationary in the western sky. this object appeared on may 29th,again in the western sky from my residence ; stationary in the same general area of the sky, before it begins receding west or northwest until it disappears approximately between 11pm and 12 midnight. the sighting is north of downtown pittsburgh along the allegheny river corridor which is west of my residence, in the lincoln-lemington area of pittsburgh. after the memorial day holiday; this strange sighting reappeared again on june 2nd; 5th; 7th and 11th. as i observed these sightings, helicopters and other aircraft were flying over or circling beneath this object every night in june. on june 11th, a helicopter flew out from the west directly toward the object and passed behind it at the same height of the object. that visually confirmed to me that this strange object was low in the sky at cloud level if not lower. also, it confirmed that authorities were intensely trying to get a fix on this object. there has been no media pronouncements of this recurring event. when i first saw this object in the sky my first thought was of a ufo and over these past weeks that has been confirmed to me as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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