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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dandong, Liaoning on 2013-07-14 20:41:00 - Ufo`s over dan dong china 2013

I am from finland and i was visiting city of dan dong, china in july 2013, visiting my wife`s family who live there. on 14th day we (my family, wife and two kids) returned to our place of stay (5th floor apartment) around 8.30 pm. when i looked out of the window i saw three howering and flashing objects on side of the 30 stories high apartment building, which is probably less than one mile away. they raised slowly and moved slowly laterally. flashing and pulsating colors were red, green, blue and white. objects seemed to be about same size in relation to each other. objects looked like they were circular in shape. no outline could be observed. we all saw the lights, including my family, wife`s mother, brother, his wife and their daughter. lights were visible for the duration of ca. 30 min after which they were so high and far that they could not be observed. my wife and her family who have lived there all of their lives had never seen these lights or objects. we could hear no sound from the objects (window was open). sky was clear and wind was light. i took several digital pictures and short video with canon ixus 220 hs. in some of the pictures objects seem like triangular and in others like doughnut, depending from which moment of the flashing sequence was captured in the picture. on video they seem like doughnuts. lights were not seen after this event again.

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Credit: MUFON

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