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Saturday, June 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Eden Prairie, Minnesota on 2018-06-08 00:00:00 - Saw pulsating lights, witnessed them rotate 180 degrees in the air, got very very close

I was driving to meet a friend of mine who’d just got out of the hospital to see how she was doing, around 11:15 pm on june 7th. i did see this object on my way there, but didn’t have my phone handy. decided, if i saw it on my way home, i would video it. (my location then was south bound mn-212, and valley view rd. in eden praire mn). on my way home, (traveling north bound mn-212, and valley view rd. at 12:17 am on friday june 9). i saw it in the distance, so got my phone ready to record video, and did just that as i passed by. it had moved toward my direction, and you can clearly see this object(s) rotate at a 180 turn. i of course did not witness this when i was there, because i was trying to drive and video, i didn’t see it rotate until video play back. i decided to get off on an exit about 1.75 milesdown the road at tracy ave. to get a better vantage point for video, at this time, there was only one glowing orb in the sky.... i later got home and decided to see if i could find this object on a trafficcam or weather cam for further proof of what i witnessed, and i did.... i found it on a 24 hour time lapse video of a weather camera. the narration in the video is me as i was recording it, i was going to send it to my son. in the bottom the reason i wrote 10 witnesses, is in the video, traffic going by, and in my second video, people got out of there car to watch this thing on the freeway... in the included picture, the yellow arrow is where i was traveling , the blue arrow is the bridge i went under, and the red circle is where the object(s) were in the first video...

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Credit: MUFON

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