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Sunday, July 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England on 2018-07-29 23:24:00 - A hovering yellow/orange orb, once zoomed in on camera appeared to have greater detail to it (camera night shooting capability pic of moon attached for reference....)

I was in my brother's bedroom, staring out the window as i usually do this every so often in evening when reading to my younger brother. i first noticed it after me and my brother had spotted a white glowing satellite (i believe to be anyway) moving through the sky. i have seen satellites before and know how to spot these. after trying to take a picture of the satellite (it was too fast to capture) i left the camera in the room. around 10 minutes after the satellite had passed and left, i noticed a red/orange dot in the far distance. i thought it may be a helicopter hovering, as there is usually one flying around at night. but with the window open, you could not hear the sounds of a helicopter at all, and the helicopter that usually flies in the area has completely different lights on it (a white blinking one and green one). the red/orange dot was also silent. i used my camera to zoom in curiosity. i zoomed into the orb (my camera is capable of photographing the moon in exceptionally good detail, it is a canon). i snapped a few pictures trying to get the right focus and zoom, and after getting a clear/near perfect zoom on the image, found it extremely surprising and shocking. i took another, it must have phased out once afterwards, then reappeared because i only got the sky in it. it reappeared, and after maybe 30 seconds faded away in the span of around 3 seconds, just like when a lamp fades out into nothing. i was staring, and panicking, and hinted the idea of a ufo to my brother to see what he thought. he wasn't sure but said it was weird. i told my mother and she suggested that it was a chinese lantern, but upon reasoning, it couldn't have been one as chinese lanterns move in the sky - this was completely still. i'm not a ufo enthusiast and have only heard some of the conspiracy theories/stories surrounding it. i never personally thought ufo stories were true as sightings are usually in the us, suggesting fake stories in order to collect money from a news story etc as many americans do. but this has changed my mind on ufos... just to add - there are no tall buildings in this direction. no lamps, this part of the sky is usually totally clear. i'm shaken up by this and am unnerved from witnessing the event.

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Credit: MUFON

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