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Monday, July 23, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 2018-07-21 22:05:00 - Bright white orb showed up directly over my house and started to move towards norther mountains

this is now my 2 nd report. my first was 4 days ago. first sighting was spotted by complete coincidence. the same can not be said for the 2nd and dare i say it, a thirdand hopefully if god willing, a fourth....This is the 2 nd sighting. after the initial sighting i went out eagerly the next night and to my disappointment i saw nothing. i wasn't ready to give up. so i went out a 3 night this time 30 minutes before the first sighting. this time, it came. after waiting a good ten minutes i was walking back towards my house and was going to go inside but as i looked up it appeared directly in the pathway of my house. i was instantly filled with joy, excitement, and dare i say, a little bit of fear. i then yelled for my girlfriend to come here because the orb was back. it didn't take her long to find it in a sky filled with few stars (fires in the area have blocked out only but the brightest of stars) it was hard to miss it because of how even though it resembled a planet or star everything about it seemed to be so out of this world. as we watched it appear out of what seemed thin air my excitement then started to fade an turn more to fear as it began to move abruptly towards me. yes me. it seemed to drop in altitude and i could see the object coming closer and closer til it was directly over head. by this time i couldn't take my eyes off of it but as i was watching my girlfriend was inside grabbing the video recorder. she came out and stood by me and i pointed directly above and then she started to record. the video does not do it justice but then again it never does. i might add that the neighbors across the street we're also out side and after seeing the object themselves began to say things like "i'm getting really freaked out now" and " that's so creepy, it had to be a real ufo" . the object (now passed over my house and is northeast headed towards the mountains behind bogus basin) it went. by the way the height was somewhere between 500-600 feet. it then went out of sight and the ordeaght. that was the end of my second sighting. more to come. going out again tonight, this time with a drone mounted with a he camera.

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Credit: MUFON

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