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Sunday, July 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ridgefield, Washington on 1998-06-20 00:00:00 - Close ufo encounter with family. we all lost memory after getting close. woke up next day with no memory of it.

this event took place in ridgefield, wa (about 30 miles north of portland, or). about the year 98' or 99' when i was around 8 or 9 y.O., my brother 13 and my mother mid 30's? it was night time and i was watching tv in the living room when my mom barged into our front door house frantically yelling "guys guys, there is a ufo!! grab the telescope (a cheap one) and let's go!!" in about 1 minute i, my brother and mom got into her car and sped down the road in our normal suburban town, towards the direction where she saw the craft slowly lower just across town. it was about .2 miles away and took less than 3 minutes to arrive.   when we arrive, we get out of the car and see a very large disk shape craft with bright lights, hovering in complete silence no more than 150 ft away near the river. it was roughly 100 ft above ground. we also noticed another couple had already beat us there, where they were just staring at the craft, jaw dropped, not even noticing our presence. we all stared in utter shock at this large bright disk that had some other color lights, i believe they were blue and red but not positive. but we stared for a minute or two when my mom yelled for us to get the telescope out of the car. once my brother ran to get it, our minds went blank!   the next thing we know, we woke up in our beds the next morning, not even realizing what had just happened and went on with our daily routine. a few years ago (about the year 2011) i started to recall the incident once in a while and first was shocked to remember what happened, but then soon put it off to be a dream because it was too outrageous to be true. after all, that's what the whole experience felt like, a dream. but in the back of my mind i knew it to be real so last year i brought up about dreaming of a ufo in ridgefield when i was younger to my mom and she instantly responded, that was real!! and began to remember some details but it's still foggy. but she did explain first seeing it on her way home from work before she barged through the front door.   i also texted my brother if he remembered ever seeing a ufo in ridgefield and he responded, "oh yeah! mom took us to see it by the river!" but again didn't remember much else. i would really like to see a hypnotist to regain the lost memory of that night and find out what really happened to us but don't know where to start. ever since i talked to my mom about it, i can't help but to share my experience and interested to find out what exactly occurred during the missing time. if you want any more details please respond. thank you. keep up the great work! they are out there!! we saw their craft with our own 2 eyes!!

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Credit: MUFON

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