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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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UFO Landing in Williamsburg, Kentucky on 1994-07-12 00:00:00 - I was walking to my friends house and noticed stars in the sky, one seemed to be hiding in them and moved away, next thing i knew it had landed in front of me and reminded me of the planet saturn, it was almond shaped with a wide orange glowing ring

Filled out and filed at mufon headquarters with witness on the phone, by field investigator l. flechtner 18809 on july 17th, 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------ it was 1994 and i was 21 years old. i was walking down the hill to my friends house about 3 miles away. this road was near the sunrise baptist church road, but the name of the road i was on may have changed. it was about 10 pm and still about 85 degrees. a small pickup truck came down the road and i put my thumb out for a ride, two people were in the truck and offered to let me ride inside, but i said no the back of the truck was ok. as the truck moved down the road i looked up at the stars and saw a line of stars. then one of the stars moved, it was like it had been hiding among the other stars. the star moved and zig zags and i said to it "i see you". i don't remember anything after that, except then being in a field with an orange craft about 20' in front of me. i thought saturn, because it was almond shaped standing on end with a wide orange glowing ring around it. it was touching the earth landed but hovering. the next thing out of my mouth was "would you please heal me?" i had been sick with stomach problems and a lot more. somebody or something i don't remember gave me a liquid, just enough to cover my tongue and said swallow. i don't remember seeing any entity or container the liquid came in. i did swallow the liquid and it reminded me of a spoon, metallic tasting. i guess the craft was as tall as a semi truck and trailer standing on end, about 73' high and about 14' wide, as tall as a semi trailer would be. this whole encounter lasted about 15 seconds. the next thing i knew i was disoriented and walking on the road again, it took me a bit to realize i was headed home. this whole encounter lasted about 45 minutes. i don't know what happened to the people and the pickup truck. when i got home i realized i had some goose bumps and adrenal going, but no further symptoms. the good thing is i was cured and never have been sick a day in my life since, not even a headache. the one bad side effect of the encounter is that i am so empathetic that i am housebound. i am so handicapped i can not go out in crowds. i feel every strong emotion from other people. i am wondering if the two people in the pickup truck ever reported anything.

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Credit: MUFON

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