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Friday, July 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Clintonville, Wisconsin on 2018-07-26 21:59:00 - Have seen many types of ufos over the last 11 months at rural clintonville wisconsin dairy farmhouse. closes ufo landed about 10 feet away from me and stayed for 15 seconds. other events include seeing various types of craft most often orange egg shaped

Over the last 11 months living at a clintonville wisconsin rural home on a dairy farm operation i have observed with my wife and son multiple ufos and some extra terrestrial beings on the ground as well as being stalked and followed while driving to and from places. the ufos follow me home and to places sometimes. there are some ufos that come almost every few days. orange egg shaped, golden triangular shaped, rainbow colored lighted large saucer shaped, and white circular sphere shaped ufos have been observed and i have taken photo and video with my phone. i have had an incident where i woke up at night unable to move and saw a bright orange yellowish light appear in the room and saw a black humanoid figure 4 ft high step out and come towards me. i then blacked out and woke up the next morning. upon waking up i had a sore right forearm with an inch long incision with fresh clotted blood formed at the site. it was very tender and felt like a deeper cut. my wife and son have witnessed all these events with me. we are afraid to live here now. we can't sleep at night anymore. we have came home to ufos hovering over the house before getting home seeing it in a distance on the way home since it's out in the country and easy too see a long distance. we felt like turning around and not going home many times due to ufo craft waiting for us to come home. it is violating, threatening feeling, and terrifying at times. we are being tracked and followed by these things. i have also had a 4 hour missing time event where i was awoken by someone and couldn't even remember my name or whee i was. my wife has been to the hospital twice because of nervous breakdowns from seeing and experiencing these close encounters. we have video and photo evidence and i have a scar maybe an implant under that scar if they put one there. i see know other reason for a clear surgical cut on my arm. we all can and are willing to take polygraph examinations as well to confirm these events. it is the most scariest feeling knowing your being watched and interacting with extra terrestrial that you can't run away from. they even follow us to the movies and some other places we have pictures and video of that too. our whole house has been also getting electrical surges having blowing and burning out appliances, and things turning off and on by themselves. we also hear knocking sounds in certain areas of the house. there is poltergeist activity going on including things moving by themselves. we are going to move if things don't stop. we pray they don't keep following us. we've been through enough.

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Credit: MUFON

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