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Saturday, July 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bristol, England on 2018-07-07 11:28:00 - Unknown objects that followed an incoming plane, with very fast asending speeds

I witnesses what at first glance a couple of small floating balloons sat i the back garden of my in laws. the skies were clear and the sun out with some hazy early morning cloud and as i continued to watch the objects seemed to move at speed, but keeped and equal distance from each other. i lost slight of them as the disappear very quickly in to a misty cloud, agin the weather was perfect. i tied to point then out to my wife but she missed them. anyway i kept my eyes on th skies and there was a plan on its approach to bristol airpot which is about 6 miles away and immediately behind it to my amazement was one of these sphere type objects. i cant be sure if it was directly behind it but form my position it looked that way. within seconds of this it descended at speed , and i mean spread agian disappearing. by this time i had my wife and mother in law were observing the sky’s and my mother in law and wife also saw them at low level, again they moved at speed and just disappeared. i didn’t manage to get an shots for the fear of losing sight of them, so my only evidence is the wife and mother in law. i have worked in the aerospace ind for nearly 40 years, so seeing aircraft in the sky’s at different angles is common place and yes you do question what you saw. this was in know way an aircraft either military of civilian as i said the thing that surprised me was the speed they moved. this has never happened to me before and thought the least i could do is report what i saw. i am very open minded about these sorts of things, and there may be something that can xplain what i saw, but i’m convinced i saw ufo

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Credit: MUFON

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