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Thursday, July 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Matera, Basilicata on 1988-04-05 16:00:00 - 3 grey aliens, 1 child like, 1 boy like

I was born in march, 1987. in 1988, one year after my birth, everything starter. during a spring day, my mother left me alone in the bedroom while she was in the kitchen. three very large entities entered the window, all disguised as the favorite puppets i loved. their faces were differenti: big eyes, almost human but wide open, stared at me. they touched my stomach. the carillon stopped in their presence. everything stopped. after that day, other ones with the same characteristics came to visit me, in the middle or the night too. year: 1990 i remember two nights in particular. i was in the bedroom with my parents and i clearly heard their breaths and the ticking of the clock. suddenly from the window with the shutters closed, a blue and white light appeared, illuminating the room, and they appeared from the light. this time they were two. in the dark they seemed gray with their very long hand’s fingers. i remember their black and shiny eyes in the dark. they were gray aliens and they were there to control me. the communication with them occurred mentally, we read in thought. they said not to worry. my parents did not notice anything. even those twice they touched my stomach. once i had the courage to touch the hand, it was thin and long, a skin almost sticky and elastic. i was so scared but i wanted to understand what they were. next morning i asked my mother if she noticed something, but she said no to me. after that day, they touched my stomach no more, but they came just to control me. same ways, but they were observing standing around my bed. year: 1992-1994 in 1992, during my summer vacation, my parents took me to my grandparents' house in bernalda, a village that was 40 kilometers from where i lived. behind my grandmother's house there was a small park, with uncultivated grass, in which i went very few times with someone from my family, which overlooked the windows of the kitchen, the bathroom and other ones. during the afternoon, around 4:30 pm, i left the house to play with the other children in the street in front of the house. when the sun began to set, i would come back to dine, and once, i noticed from the kitchen window something moving. i almost reached the window, which was fortunately closed, and i saw a child with wide open eyes, dressed as one of my age, who unlike a real child, did not blink, never took his eyes off and had an accentuated smile, with the teeth well-spaced from each other and each of them was pointed. i remember it insistently knocking on the window and making a sign to reach it. i was so scared and i screamed for help. my grandmother reached me immediately and upon arrival, it became serious and ran away. about two or three times a week the same thing always happened, but with the time passing-by, the child seemed impatient. from 1994 to 1995 nothing happened, until one summer evening in 1996 when i was again at my grandmother's house. my grandparents were in the room in front of mine and my uncle was in the bathroom. my window was open and you could hear the verses of the crickets. there was the light on, i heard the noises and voices in the other rooms and suddenly the crickets no longer sang. suddenly he came through the window with a big jump, almost like a frog, a young man like that child i saw from the kitchen window four years ago. he was dressed in a light green trousers, a dark green jacket and had woven ankle boots. he wore a green hat like a jacket. i was so scared that i was stuck. he was approaching me with small steps, swinging his head and continuing to stare at me. he held out his hand, very similar to mine. i screamed twice, but heard no one. then i had the courage to ask him: "what do you want from me? why do not you leave me alone?" and he said to me: "you must come with us, you have something we do not have, give me your hand." in the meantime, i heard the bathroom door open. the boy was so frightened that he moved away from me and headed for the window. he told me "come", making my hand once more. my uncle came out of the bathroom and with a jump from a standstill, the boy came out of the second floor window. my uncle, a security guard, promptly looked out of the window with his pistol, but there was none. the last time i had a meeting, he was in matera, in my room, in the summer, when the window was completely open. it was a saturday night in july 2011. it was about 2:40 a.M. i woke up because i heard a buzz coming from outside, but in a few seconds i realized that time seemed to be stuck. the hands of the clocks stopped working, i no longer felt the breath of my brother sleeping with me. everything froze and i began to sweat cold. pretending to sleep in fear, i kept my eyes closed, remaining like this for about 20 minutes. after about 5 minutes of total stop, while the air was full of electricity or anyway some energy, i felt a presence that kept turning around my bed, and breathed deeply and noisily as he continued to stare at me. i opened my eyes slightly and saw a gray being staring at me, but i kept pretending to sleep. sprawling, he paused at the head of the bed, tapped his fingers three times, took a final sigh, and then left. when he came out of the window, he did it with a dim white light, and suddenly everything disappeared and the weather began to flow as before. only 5 minutes had passed. after that time, fortunately, nothing happened to me. since then, however, whenever we talk about aliens or ufos, i'm afraid and i'm terrified for a few days. many times, after asking the humanoid what they wanted, i thought about what could interest me, and the only answer i gave was that being sensitive, it could be interesting for them. specifically, i remember the period before my birth, when i was a child and i did not speak yet, i knew how to make reflections as an adult, reasoning that i still remember. in addition, i communicate with the afterlife when someone is dying, to explain to relatives that what is happening is normal, and to make it communicate with the souls of relatives who come to take their loved one from the earth. after writing all this story yesterday, remembering whats happened when i was a child, this night, at about 4:00 a.M., a little orb (size like an apple), black color next to a white/gold orb. they stopped in the air between my head and my boyfriend's, and when i realized they were upside out heads, they vanished. during this presence, i felt like i got bitten by insects. when they disappeared, i immediately had a sense of general heaviness. just when sunrise at about 6:00 a.M. i managed to sleep. last but not the least: since i was one year until two years ago, i had on my skin (right calf) a symbol with 3 brown points like a triangle face down. during the time this one fade away.

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Credit: MUFON

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