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Saturday, July 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mesquite, Texas on 2014-11-20 06:20:00 - 3 objects flying in formation directly overhead 6-20am absolutely no sound.123 like bowlin pins.Opposite geometry of planes..Boomerang but wings pointed forward..Low like stealth

I was standing outside my job along with 2 others in mesquite texas between 6am n 6 30am sometime between nov n jan..It was winter about 4 5 yrs ago..Cant remember exactly but can get close using info i know..We wer talkin n something got my attention dont know y but i knew something was above or my vision noticed while talking n moving around..Looked straight up n saw 3 chevron craft moving quickly with absolutely no movement as if they wer one vehicle ..But they wer 3 in tight formation a leader and one to each side behind..I told the other guys look at which we looked up i told one guy u saw that he said yes..I said what wer those..He said i dont know..I said again u saw them right knowing wut i saw was not human made..Wut struck me right away was the shape was opposite of how planes fly..The only way to describe is the letter v flying with the 2 points forward..It was dark but multitextured colored or other words different materials or texture..It was low n absolutely silent n moved quickly out of view..It could have been much faster n larger if farther away but hard to tell with nothing to reference it to..My heart n gut tell me..No more than 2 3 football fields..Have always wanted to tell officially but didn't know who to tell...I've told a few and they say i'm stupid we know how this works..I wanted my experience to b known b4 i die in case somehow it's important.I have always been attracted to space n seeing something..I stare up constantly at the sky especially at night i've always had a weird feeling like someone watching me so i always look up..Cant explain it do it to this day..I stand behind wut i saw n will carry to my grave.I knew i was looking at ships but have never seen anything fly wing forward and not so much actual wings but winged shaped forward..I would have to draw it for u..It was haunting bcuz i got the impression immediately scouts..I say that bcuz tight formation silent no light n low flying as to hide..I'm not a genius but if i had to guess they wouldn't b on radar at that height

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Credit: MUFON

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