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Monday, July 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Birmingham, England on 2000-03-26 00:00:00 - Some kind of medical tool

Hi ,i am writing to reveal you before i get interviewed. i actually used to witness ufo on the sky in alain uae since my childhood. when i grew up and moved from uae to pakistan. i was not sure that one day i would go to england for studies. to stay in uk, you need to get married .But when this marriage did not workout .I had to leave my wife house and go back to my uncles house. i was even not allowed to make enter into my uncles house b/c i ruined my plan to acquire for british passort and all of his money for which he paid. i was not a clever person like others b/c i learned to masturbate and i had never seen a naked woman in my whole life. so i made mistake and took that woamn for real wife and started behaving like a jerk. i had never experienced a sex in my whole life and when i had i lost my control and mind changed and forgot i married for the reason. since then life is still punishing me . so, i was wandering around drunk in the streets and suddenly i strucked by unknown fellas who were much look like islamic scholars and they picked me up and put me in the car and started to investigate me and i was so drunk that i bearly talked with them. as my eyes reopened i saw myself alone and i saw they were talking with some men who dressed like police and 3 piece suites and they were swapping some package . they asked me if i am hungry they could arrange food for me and if i need a place to sleep they could arrange it too .So they bought some food for me and took me an unknown place i.E. residential home of someone and the home was completely blackout. they fixed me in a room with bathroom/toilet, provided me blanket and pillows except matress. they told me if i could take care of this package one night , they would pay me gbp 250/= and they would help us negotiate my issue with my wife and uncle .But while they were leaving ,they prayed for me like i was going to die and they locked the door from outside. i felt skeptic and wanted to check the package which weighed approx. 25kgm .I was wondering how come this piece of toy weighed so much similar to 25kg flour bag ,as i opened the box on one side ,i saw a steel box which had a view glass and as you peeked through the steelbox glass view you can observe some electronic devices and some fancy blue light. the steelbox was filled with gizmos and you could see lights in it. the humming sound that i have never heard . i thought it might be some kind of ultramodern toy and as i understand my pakistani brothers did not want anyone to show it esp on the duty or custom . but when i went into deep i glanced the gizmo again and felt skeptic but i suddenly stopped all that thinking and went back to sleep . as i opened my eyes ,all i saw pitch dark and few moments later i realized my eyes are still shut and i tried to move my hands ,they awere not moving ,somehow after long struggle i managed to open my eyes little bit i observed all i saw a beam of red light and it was pointing on my forehead and i was feeling pain .I was told to calm down we will be right on the moment and relax and we would let your eyes see . after long struggle, i saw nothing but felt i was surrounded by something but suddenly i felt i was levatating at the same time. i started to struggle but trust me the more i do the more i get felt tightened around. after few moments then i saw two pitch black slippery shinning gems like i felt they are wwatching me ,they started to communicate with me and they told me everything and also told me this is not a toy ,it is the wmd and we will watch and protect you till we are here . now, i could clearly see the whole et now and i saw a device which is disk or shield like glowing with lights.I appreciated them instead of becoming agitated and did as they wanted me . in exchange of it,i saw that i was surrounded by deep space and they said you are being treated medically b/c we saved many people from becoming pulverized by securing you and the wmd "the toy". you are safe. when just before it went over, i fell down back on the floor and i knew something happened strange ... as i woke up i thought i should eat now , as i turned on the lights and went in for toilet brushed my teeth and took shower and came back what i saw that everything reduced to the size half ,the size of plastic tray, size of corn flakes, the size of drinks etc etc etc. i felt that i should check the package ,it felt very very very light in weight ...And i got scared. the fellas showed up and they started to watch me from top to bottom and they were seemed not right like something was bothering them and finally they allowed me to sit in the car .Before i sat in, one of them told to check the package and came back empty handed ,he asked me did i do anything with the package i said no and they kept on asking me and i made face like question mark. finally they told me to get off the car and fetched the package for us and told me to get in back again .It was really confusing !! they started to making calls and started swearing and they were changing dialects and suddenly, they delivered the package back to the team and they were talkng in russian lingo. i kept my drunk drama on and made them feel like im not listening. the rest of the story may not be appropiate ,it leads to more state of confusing (national state of security-911).... kindly, guide me ...

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Credit: MUFON

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