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Friday, July 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Corning, New York on 2018-05-05 23:00:00 - Telepathic communication with sighting an hour later

Its was getting dark. i smoke outside on my porch. while i was smoking i noticed a very weird looking star like object over the mountain. it was early sunset and this thing was not like most starts i have seen. i am a pilot so i constantly look into the sky. about 40 seconds after i was watching it the corner of my vision started to blue. almost like when you are doing high g maneuvers in a plane. i defiantly felt an elevated lever of consciousness. an it was apparent to me that the object was reaching out to me. there was a short series of very high paced transmissions. the speed was higher than i could interpret. i asked it "are you an alien race? are you a ufo?If so prove it." this was in my mind and i did project my questions telepathically. so the object stayed stationary and continued to keep its very obscure form. so i finished smoking and went back inside. about an hour later i went out to smoke this time from my side door. an it proved to me it was an intelligent race. it happend very vast. as i shut the door i looked up. and i saw this object moving so fast that the entire thing trailed in my vision. i could tell it was moving south and i estimate it to be at about 10000ft. it was parallel to the horizon. now i do live in the country were we have clear skies. i have seen many shooting starts. this was similar looking. but moving much much faster. like i said so fast that my mind was barely able to perceive it. it was like it was stationary to begin with accelerated almast instantly to a high rate of speed. now i can only liken this to it shifting into this reality very quickly and shifting out. all while moving at what i can estimate as 20000mph or faster. it did appear completely white. i have enclosed a quick sketch. and the trail in the picture is static. thats how fast it was going. and thats how my vision perceived it. like i said it was not a shooting star i have seen many of those. they wanted to be known.

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Credit: MUFON

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