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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dartford, England on 2018-06-03 19:49:00 - Horseshoe shaped object seen in sky in kent, uk.

I was sitting in my garden in south east london, near the m25, when i noticed a light in the sky. i initially thought it was a star but after looking at it through my binoculars i realised this wasn't the case. through my binoculars i saw the object close up and it was a distinctive horseshoe shape. while looking through the binoculars i saw the object twisting and turning, plus i’m convinced i saw two red lights at the end of each 'arm' whilst it was turning. unfortunately these lights weren't picked up in the pictures, the end of the 'arms' just appear black. there is a strand that shows up on the right of the object that appears in all of the pictures and video, which may be connected to the magnetic field? or maybe the crafts energy is reacting with the atmosphere, which the sun is highlighting? i wasn’t on my own, i was with my friend and she saw it too. i was able to take the pictures and video with my nikon p900. i was about 80% zoomed out on the optical zoom, so before this the object appeared as a white light to the naked eye, and as i said before it just looked like a star. after viewing the object for at least 10 minutes, the object started to go in and out of the atmosphere, with the light fading and reappearing. eventually it faded out completely and disappeared. i was so overwhelmed after seeing the object that i said 'thank you' afterwards. i had my awakening in early 2017 and i feel so privileged to have had this encounter.

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Credit: MUFON

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