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Monday, July 2, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Hazleton, Pennsylvania on 1979-04-01 00:00:00 - 1stperfect circle rainbow mist. bright light almost instant speed capability and directional change

The first event took plac. in a small patch town call derringer fern glen pennsylvania. my sister and i we're walking down main street we had gotten about 500 yards from our house. there was an open field to the right where we noticed a perfect circular dome-shaped mist like rainbow colored object covering the road and a large portion of the field adjacent to the road. it was somewhat transparent and not solid. there is a large creek called black creek as we approached we could hear the crickets chirping the water in a creek running the wind blowing through the trees. everything you would expect to hear in an area surrounded by woods. we stopped in observe for a few seconds. we were amazed astonished and extremely curious. we then reluctantly decided she continued down the road and walk through it. as soon as we entered there was complete silence. there is no more breeze nothing. we were both overwhelmed with this feeling of love comfort acceptance and peace. batman was just humming buzzing rain sound like all blended together. and all of a sudden it was gone. neither of us remember walking out of it or seeing how it departed. it was just gone and the next thing we knew we were just walking down the road with no recollection of what transpired after the noise had started. we don't recall seeing or interacting with anyone or anything. no conversations nothing like that. but ever since that occurred i have been hearing messages in my head. i know it sounds crazy. they're not like thoughts or dreams or anything like that. i've done my best to try to ignore it all. and four years i have someone succeeded in doing so. mostly because everything that was being said make no sense. until today. now it's been years since i've heard two voices. and for whatever reason today it returned and said to me it's time. and all of that same moment that very same moment all those little bits of information that i didn't understand and make no sense all came together in an instant. and now they won't stop. they keep telling me that i need to share this information. i don't want public exposure. but i do want to share the information with someone who has the proper platform to share the information i have been given. i'm not looking to become famous or anything like that. i insist on remaining anonymous. after you hear the message you will understand why.

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Credit: MUFON

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