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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kahului, Hawaii on 1992-07-21 18:30:00 - An object circled, descended, ascended, then shot off into space

I would say this happened around the early 90’s. i was on a pier at the harbor while my dad, and other canoe club members were securing a canoe to a pallet for shipping to another island. finding it a boring task i chose to stare up into the sky for entertainment, while i was observing the moon i asked my uncle who was a navigator, about the moon and its movements. he explained to me about the earths rotation, which in turn causes the moon to move across the sky. happy with the answer that he gave i went back to looking up towards the sky, to compare stars against each other. as i found different colored stars, and compared them to one another i came across a funny looking star. there was something about the way it’s color twinkled that caught my attention, and for absolutely no reason i felt this sinking feeling immediately as i told my self in my mind that, “that’s not a star’. as soon as i said this to myself, the star that i was observing shook as if it was a flake in a snow globe. the object began to fly in a circle pattern, descended slightly, then ascended immediately away form the atmosphere and disappeared into space.

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Credit: MUFON

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