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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Rochester, Illinois on 2018-07-21 01:00:00 - Object moving what appeared to be 1,000mph at around 45-60 miles in the sky. 90degree turn, stopped immediately for a brief second, then looped in a circle gaining speed, then disappeared.

My father and i were fishing at sangchris state part near the power plant from 5pm on july 21st til 6am on july 22nd,2018. at approximately 1am i was looking up at the stars as there was no cloud cover at the time with extremely minimal light pollution. as i was looking for shooting stars i noticed an object at around 45-60 miles in the sky moving at extraordinarily high speeds. for a split second i assumed it was some type of air plane but i quickly realized it was moving to quickly to be that. most commercial and private air craft have lights that blink in a pattern on the wings that let other aircraft see there location but this did not have any type of flashing lights. it was a solid white light either from the reflection of the moon as it was not to far away from it or a solid white light coming form this unidentifiable object. i then thought at the speed it was moving at that it may have been a satellite or something of the sort i just happen to see in orbit. as it seemed to be gaining speed rather fast, faster than any know air craft the military of know for using, it made a sudden 90° turn. after quickly realizing it was something extremely out of the ordinary i tell my father to look at what i was seeing. as he and i are looking at this object in the sky. suddenly in a snap of a finger it comes to a complete stop for no longer than a second or 2 then changes direction once more immediately picking up the speed it was traveling at and getting faster. it then did a tight circle like maneuver as if it sling shouted its self. as it did this it did a full 360°, proceeded to go straight, going faster by the second then suddenly it just disappeared. it did not end up behind cloud over or anything else as there was nothing in sight that could have obstructed the view. it simply was getting faster and like that the object suddenly was no longer there. my father and i spend the rest of the night trying to come up with any type of logical answer of what it may be. as we could not in any way think of a simple answer to what it might have been i thought of 3 theories of what we believe it to be. first the obvious one is that it was some type of advanced technology not of man made origin. number two, the theory that time travel is possible and we witnessed a ship jumping through a worm hole for lack of better words. or three, the multi-verse theory to be accurate and another universe possibly parallel to ours discovered a way to jump the bridge to other universes. i am the type of person who always trys to put a logical explanation behind something. normally i can but with this and the way that object maneuvered st such high speed i can not wrap my head around any logical situation other than that. i am glad i was not alone when this happened because if i saw it on my own i would have assumed i might have just been going a little crazy. by far it was the most baffling thing i have ever seen in person with my own eyes. also to add, before it disappeared from the sky both my dad and i were trying to get some type of video of the incident. it was as soon as i pull open my camera on my phone that it disappeared from the sky before i even had a chance to press the button to record.

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Credit: MUFON

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