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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in City of Industry, California on 2010-10-31 00:00:00 - I saw three types: cigar-shaped, triangle, and boomerang.

1. it was a school night and i was driving home after class. 2. i noticed lights in the sky that did not resemble the lights of planes. 3. i thought it was a ufo, so much that as i was driving on the freeway, i literally stuck my head out of the window. 4. i exited the 60 freeway at the first exit past the 605 freeway the first chance i got. i pulled into a gas station and parked. to the west of me was rose hills. over the hilltop, there was a half moon and i saw at least 2 helicopters. as i face south, towards the residential area, i saw four objects moving quietly towards rose hills, 2 triangle shaped objects and 2 boomerang objects. the triangle shaped objects had white lights underneath it; the boomerang objects had 3 white lights and 1 yellow light. i heard nothing, except for the noise of cars moving on the freeway. i pulled out my phone to snap a picture but immediately realized it would show nothing. i called my girlfriend to tell her what i was witnessing but she said i was crazy. there was a man sweeping the lot of the gas station but he appeared to not see what i was witnessing. after they moved over rose hills, i got back on the freeway and headed east towards home. whilst driving home, i saw 3 cigar-shaped objects hovering over the 60 freeway. they were evenly spaced. they had 1 white light, 1 red light that looked like a bar, 3 white lights, 1 red light that looked like a bar, and 1 white light. i then saw more lights out of the south headed north. i got off the freeway, went up a hill and say several more of the triangle shaped objects and boomerang shaped objects. 5. i immediately drove home and jumped on the internet to see if anyone had reported a ufo sighting. after i found nothing, i went your website to report it but decided against it once i saw this form. 6. the first set of objects proceeded west over rose hills, the stationary set remained where they were as i drove home, and the last set of objects proceeded north until i could no longer see them.

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Credit: MUFON

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