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Friday, July 13, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Slave Lake, Alberta on 2017-03-13 19:57:00 - Looked out my second floor window, saw it come out of the tree line, stop, and shoot away.

I was taking a break from drawing in my room, and i decided to look out the window -- as i normally do. i didn't really notice it at first, until i noticed the littlest bit of movement behind some trees. there's a patch of trees in the middle of my u-shaped drive-way, and the road. from that treeline, i saw it basically glide out into the open. i thought it was a moth on my window for a split second, despite it still being winter. then it just stopped. it didn't even slow down, it looked very odd, like you abruptly pressed pause on a video clip. i was in a bit of a state of shock; as anyone would be. there was zero sound coming from it. yes, the window was closed, but if there was a flying object that close, there would have been noise. there's an airport near my house, and planes fly that close to my house all the time, and its rather loud and sometimes the sound waves vibrate everything. this object did none of that. it was only there for a few seconds, maybe 5 or 7 seconds tops. the sun was still up, although it was setting, or had already set, and it was getting dim out. i managed to see some indication of shadow from whatever patterns/structures were on it. then, it just zipped away. it sounds, and it looked, like something fictional. similar to when you see ships in star wars zip away, but not exactly. i can't really describe it. it zipped away fast enough that it looked like it vanished into the sky. i felt completely lost. i felt like... kind of threatened? like i shouldn't say anything. i've had a few dreams after that, of me telling a bunch of random people in my house, resulting in the house shaking and the object descending down from a foggy sky onto my skylight. those are probably just dreams, but i still felt the urge to not tell anyone other than my parents. one of my uncles saw it too. and, although i don't know this person and can't confirm; my father says that someone who works for him at a plywood mill; a few kilometers east of my house, claims he saw the exact object on the same day. still, i didn't feel safe in reporting it. i've talked to victim services, who seemed interested, but did nothing. basically i feel like i'd be ridiculed for claiming my sighting. and i've been thinking that i was crazy for a while, too. but after talking to my parents and some of my uncles and aunts, they claim they've been seeing stuff all of their lives, too. i'm native american, and i know that in our culture there is mention of people who come from the sky. strange things and sightings have been still happening since this encounter, thus my conclusion to finally submit this, because maybe i'm not actually as crazy as i sometimes think i am. victim services isn't doing anything, so that's why i'm reporting it to mufon.

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Credit: MUFON

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