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Monday, July 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Prince George, British Columbia on 2008-07-18 21:28:00 - Ufo flew from west to east,northeast direction at the speed of a slow prop plane.

On july 18,2008 at approximately 9:30 pm i was sitting at a table against the wall,facing north,looking up at the sky,looking for ufo's. a friend said to me,just two minutes prior to the sighting,"are you looking for ufo's? and,i replied,"it's a good night for ufo's!",being a clear,cloudless evening.The funny thing about this sighting was,about 3 seconds before the ufo flew from behind the twin duplex,next door,i turned around in my seat and waited for it to come into view from behind the building.I knew a ufo was going to appear from behind the building,before it came into view.I watched it,and waited for two seconds,to be sure it was what i was seeing,before i shouted,"look!",and pointed to the object.There was about 9 of us,including me,that witnessed the ufo,slowly fly over the prince george airport,and fly off to the east,northeast,until it was out of site.The ufo was a classic disk shaped craft,that looked approximately 20 feet in diameter,and was close enough to see the outline of it's disk shape,and glowed a golden color.It was about a half a mile away.I recall,all of us actually got bored,and didn't see the object fly completely out of site.There was a young woman who asked,"what is it?",when we first sighted it,and i replied,"it's a ufo!".She was giggling,excitedly,as it flew over the airport.I remember feeling a bit of fear that it might abduct some of us,a few seconds after we first sighted it,but the fear subsided,after it was,obviously,harmlessly flying off into the distance.I,somehow,thought that my searching the sky for ufo's,initiated the sighting.

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Credit: MUFON

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